Do you want to be part of the*OHM WORLD*? Here’s your chance to win the super comfortable Twisted Bangle, plus 2 Earth-ish Stoppers, the Merkaba silver bead and two Ohm Swirls glass beads, as pictured below.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Follow @OhmBeads on Instagram

2) Follow @marthnickbeads on Instagram

3) Answer the series of 5 questions in the comments section below

4) Fill out the survey after logging in to your My Ohm account at

When you fill out the survey over at Ohm Beads, don’t forget to think about how awesome it is to be part of the *OHM WORLD* when they ask you for the super secret code word!
Here are the questions:

1) What food or drink would you like to see as an Ohm Bead?

2) In which countries have you purchased beads?

3) What brand of beads makes up the bulk of your collection?

4) Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?

5) If your beads could talk, what would they say?
Good luck everyone! Remember to click on the survey link and have a Happy Beadmas!