I bought a bead while on a little road trip last week to Pittsburgh/Cleveland. It’s called Dancing Fairies Meadow by True Beadz and is incredibly versatile. I love beads that have different colours in them so you can get a range of looks! It’s a bit like a painting, with white, blue, yellow and some coppery bits too. 

First I put it on my copper bangle as that’s what I had with me. 

Here’s another version using the Trollbeads Twisted Copper Bangle. Here I’ve got two beads from the Siberia shade, a Blossom and a Touch, with a couple of the Trollbeads Smile of Stars. 

When I looked closely at the bead, I saw lots of blue and tried to match it up with the True Beadz I have. I think the Eastern Sea colour looks nice with the Dancing Fairies Meadow.

Angel from Great Lakes Boutique, who helped me pick it out, thought it would like nice with Linen and I also like it with Blue Mist. Below left to right are True Blossom Blue Mist, 3 Roses, Dancing Fairies Meadow, Lilac and True Air Blue Mist. Blue Mist is such a rich colour and I think it looks amazing with silver!

For the last bangle I wanted to bring out the yellow so used my two Pandora Disney Belle Muranos. I think this is my favourite look!

Now for a full bracelet, using the two new Alchemy Beads, the white Siberia beads, the Redbalifrog Rope silver beads, Pandora silver Tropicana beads plus four silver True Beadz: Shells n’ Star, 3 Roses, Lilac and Lotus. 

In the sun the Siberia beads look amazing, I think!

I put it on with a Redbalifrog silver and True Beadz Blue Mist bracelet I had made up for the nature themed #weekendbeads. 

When I gathered up all the beads after taking these photos, it struck me how lovely they looked in a jumble and what a testament it is to Julia’s skills with colour!

So, feel free to pick a favourite look! I’m sticking with the one with the yellow beads. πŸ˜€ Coming up Wednesday will be the new Trollbeads Carolina Jessamine Lock and earrings. I ended up wearing the lock on my trip, using it as a focal point on the top of a bracelet and really liked it.