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I’m afraid I have no clue how many people who read this blog are also on Instagram. But I was trying to delete some photos from my iPhone and thought maybe if there are some readers who are not on IG, it’d be nice to see them before I delete them away for good. So, here they are in no particular order and I won’t list every bead, but please ask if you want to know what something is!

Here’s a mixed brand Hallowe’en bracelet. 

Next are some pretty fall leaves with True Beadz to match. 

I like the Trollbeads Mexican Sugar Skull as a splitter. 

This is a Disney inspired combo as I made our FastPass + reservations on Friday for our Christmas trip. The window opened at 7am and by 7:05 some of the times for rides were already taken, but I got everything I wanted. šŸ˜€

I made up this Trollbeads bangle as I had some beautiful Japanese paper to put away. I love how the Hong Kong Skylines match with the Ageless Beauty. 

This one was for a Weekend Beads sports theme. I’m really just puddling around the water in Guam here but figured swimming counted. 

Sometimes pale colours are so pretty!

This is a ‘Mcctrish’, where you have to show your feet and clothes. It’s become a bit of a thing with some Instagram bead friends. 

Here are some Trollbeads in fall colours. 

Lastly, this is a bracelet I kept together for several days. I just love the Ohm Beads Purple Haze and Dreamscape beads! Coming up tomorrow are some Trollbeads from the fall collection-Pumpkin Ornament, Quiet Flower and Wisdom Weed. Wednesday will be the Daruma and Kokeshi Spiritbeads and Friday will be the Trollbeads Winter Wonder Kit. 

13 responses to Random Instagram

  1. Kim says:

    Fun group of pictures! These are all really cool combos, but if I had to pick a favorite, I’d probably go with the fall leaves True Beadz bracelet. The True Touch beads look so rich! I’ve got to catch up on my Instagram posts – I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks and so haven’t been on it much. I’ll have to try a Mcctrish shot at some point! When I’m wearing nice shoes. šŸ™‚


  2. Suzanne says:

    I would have to choose the True Beadz as my favorite too. I don’t do Instagram either, so it was nice to see your photos. I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the Kokeshi Spiritbead.


    • marthnick says:

      Suzanne, thanks for letting me know about Instagram. I’ll do a little post like this every couple of months then. Just finished taking pics of the Spiritbeads. The detail is just wonderful on them!


  3. Alex V. says:

    Thanks for posting, I’m in love with the first bracelet cuz as you know I love how you always make super bright and cheerful color designs. What a fun cheery Halloween-ish bracelet as opposed to the usual orange/black. I see you have the purple haze which I like but am unsure if I like it more than the dreamscape, if you have both would you please do a bracelet for comparison purposes. Thanks!


    • marthnick says:

      So there apparently is a lot of variation with the Dreamscapes and Purple Hazes. Take a look at my blog post from October 7th as there are several photos with both on the same bracelet. But, if you decide to order, you might want to ask a retailer to send you a coupe of pics, or just ask for something on the bright side or pale side or whatever. I’ve been wearing my two Purple Hazes a lot with the Pandora Disney Elsa Murano bead in the middle. Super pretty!


  4. Holly says:

    I love the TrueBeadz fall colors. What is the color of the bottom bead? Is that the retired Sunset? I’ve been looking for one just like it! Thanks for the great pics!


  5. Jane Mills says:

    Hi! Great pictures,thanks. I was wondering what the green black striped beed is to the left of sugar skull on Halloween bracelet?


    • marthnick says:

      Hi Jane! That is a Trollbeads universal unique that came with a promo keychain back last spring, I think it was. It was just a random bead, but I think it’s really nice.


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