The Danish store Perlen has ten new amber beads in their Beauty Beads house brand in some interesting shapes and colours. The thing to know if you’ve never shopped at Perlen before is that the VAT might be taken off depending where you live.  So to see the lower prices (and they still carry Pandora-it’s where I bought most of my collection years ago) you have to make an account and log in. Here’s an example of what the price difference might be. 

I don’t have any other amber beads-I’ll say that straight up front, so I don’t have anything to compare them to. But I really like these and love how they look in the sun. Top to bottom on the bangle below are Amber Planes (Baltic Amber), the Trollbeads Sunbeam Spacer, a new Rainbow Under Rain Mini Beauty Bead, the Trollbeads Sweet Berries Spacer and Green Planes. The green amber is from the Caribbean. 

The Green Planes is going to be awesome for Christmas bracelets. These have a large core and fit on Pandora bracelets. They are not fully silver cored. 

The Sweet Delight one is a great shape for wearing in the middle of a bangle or bracelet. 

On the bangle in the middle are Amber Planes, Sweet Delight and Amber Star. 

I tried a whole Christmas bracelet, as the Amber Star lends itself to that theme and my friend asked if it would go with the new Trollbeads Wishes and Kisses Kit. I think it does! The Gingerbread House and Snowflake is by Redbalifrog and is simply adorable. I will definitely make this up again in December!

The amber beads also look fab with the Trollbeads Hong Kong Skyline beads. I probably also bought those at Perlen, ha ha! Yep, just checked and they still have them here

Lastly, the Japanese Maple in my brother’s yard is looking fabulous this week, so I had to take a picture. I’m really grateful to have these beads. When we were in Estonia a few years ago I saw lots of amber beads in the shops but didn’t buy one. These beads remind me of that trip and the colours and shapes really add some interest to my bracelets. What are your thoughts on these ambers?  Have a great weekend everyone! Coming up Monday will be the Ohm Beads Holiday Drinks 2.0. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.