A little while ago I bought the True Beadz Blossom Purple Dream and Taste Purple Dream. The Taste bead looks so amazing close up. I just love the texture. 

The Blossom is so sweet. 


This one below is a Treasure and fits right in with this colour scheme. 

I already had a True Touch Purple Dream and an Almost Amethyst so was able to put together a quick bangle. The stoppers are the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral ones. This is the kind of bangle I wear all the time at home, especially on weekends. 

I’ve noticed that people’s orders from the Russian Lullaby collection have begun to roll in and it’s fun to see everyone’s combos. However, I still really adore the flower beads, too. On the bottom left is 3 Roses and the right is Lilac. The detail is so lovely!

The Almost Amethyst looks quite luminous in the sun! Like grape jelly, perhaps. 

Lastly, here’s a purple and yellow mixed brand combo. It’s maybe a bit unusual but I love these colours together. Starting at the top and going clockwise are an old Pandora bead  (great blogging skillz!), the Disney Pandora Belle Murano, True Touch Purple Dream, Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever, Trollbeads Gold Silver Trace, True Blossom Purple Dream, Trollbeads Amber Violets, True Taste Purple Dream, Trollbeads Honey Dawn, Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever, Trollbeads Purple Stripes, Disney Pandora Belle Murano and another old Pandora bead. I think it’s safe to say the Amber Violets is what ties this together. 

In case anyone wants to see the colour range of the True Beadz here they all are in the Touch finish. Coming up Thursday is the Trollbeads Magic Bow. Has everyone had their Black Friday bead purchases arrive? Mine came in yesterday and I look forward to playing with them. 

Row 1 Stormy Heavens/Royal Viola/Purple Dream/Lilac/Taiga/Blue Mist

Row 2 Eastern Sea/And Quiet Flows the Don/Sky Blue/Baby Blue/Marmor/Princess Kiss

Row 3 Baby Pink/Terracotta/Strawberry/Pumpkin/Sunflower/Sunlight Spot

Row 4 Castle Stone/Dragon Green/Gooseberry/Linen/Siberia

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.