Redbalifrog’s Modern Mermaid

I bought the Redbalifrog Modern Mermaid specifically for our recent trip as I knew what the pool looked like, with its Sea Serpant theme. The colours of the pool and decorations are so bright, so I went with lots of brightly coloured Trollbeads glass. The silver beads are Redbalifrog’s Rope ones and the stoppers are the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral stoppers.

The Modern Mermaid is very sweet and I love the detail on her tail. She has a cute haircut too!

Below left to right, the glass beads are Green/Turquoise Silver Trace, a unique, Beach, Peter, Asian Hearts and Turquoise Bubbles. 

Below left to right after Turquoise Bubbles, the glass beads are Seabed Stripe, Pink, the Diamond Bead and Turquoise Green Dot. 

Below left to right after Turquoise Green Dot are Whitecap, a unique and Seabed. 

In this photo you can see the Modern Mermaid from the back, just above the Deep Ocean. Just tilt your head sideways a bit!

Here’s a last look. Wednesday it’s back to beads and snow photos, boo hoo! But it’s the pretty Pandora Sparkling Apple Blossom, so there’s that. I haven’t seen too many photos of the Modern Mermaid, but does anyone else have it, or is it on a wishlist?


  1. Hi Martha ,
    Your bracelet combination is so beautiful. Love your mix of blues and greens- you captured your surroundings perfectly with this bracelet. I never took notice of that lil mermaid before but she sure would be a wonderful addition to a water themed bracelet. Are you really wearing that bracelet with all those glass beads or it just for pix ( always wondered if the glass would be too heavy/annoying) I usually wear only one glass bead at a time
    Looks like you are having a wonderful time on your vacation


    1. Hi Alex! Yes, I wear bracelets like this quite a bit, but this would be the maximum amount of beads for me. I like to leave the under part of my wrist bead free for comfort. Having said that, I do like to wear full Pandora bracelets. But my Pandora beads are pretty old and lots of them are the smaller silver kind, so I find them very comfortable.
      We had a super time on vacation but it’s back to the snowy winter now.
      I think you’re right, that the mermaid will be wonderful for water themed bracelets so I’ll bring her out again in the summer!


  2. Hi Martha, Well this is a bead I’ve missed somehow! I especially like your bracelet with the Deep Ocean. Could you please tell me what the glass beads at either end are?


    1. Hi Suzanne! Sorry I forgot to name those! They are both True Beadz and the top one is Alchemy Waterfall and the bottom one is Alchemy Breeze. Aren’t they wonderful? I do hope Julia keeps making more of these Alchemy beads in other colours, as I love the frothy look.


  3. Martha, the Deep Ocean looks perfect with Alchemy Waterfall and Alchemy Breeze! I already have Deep Ocean and Alchemy Waterfall. Now, I desperately want Alchemy Breeze! I checked the Great Lakes Boutique site but, the Alchemy Breeze is no longer listed. I hope that Julia makes more of these beads too! The frothy look is amazing!šŸ’ššŸ’™šŸ˜


    1. Hi Carol! I would bet money she’ll be making more of them. I just checked her website and Alchemy Breeze is listed, so no worries. I’m obsessing over the Sunlight Spot coloured ones these days. Someone on IG had the prettiest bracelet with the soft yellow and it just seemed so lovely to brighten up these dull days. I don’t know about where you live, but our mornings have been quite dark lately!


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