On the weekend I did the North American ring promo at my local Pandora store. I went for the Beautiful Birthstones collection and got the earrings, ring and dangle in the October colours because I like pink. Here they are with my bracelet. Now I’m thinking with the bracelet below I should switch out the Purple Shimmer Murano for something else. 

I actually only have a couple pairs of earrings. I hadn’t worn them in years but when I received the Trollbeads Carolina Jessamine ones back last fall I poked a hole in my ears again so I could wear them. Then I bought some Mickey Mouse Pandora ones for our trip and now I have these. I love them! 

The ring is delightful and I stacked it with a couple of older rings. I really like the droplet style and can see how people get addicted to collecting them! I should have looked at the Grey Moonstone ones but can do that another day.  

Here’s a macro shot in regular light. 

And then I took this one in the setting sun. 

The Droplet pendant is so cute. It looks nice on a necklace. This is a longer Pandora one. 

 But on the weekend I wore it on bracelets. Below I’ve got it on the Trollbeads Bangle and then have paired it with Redbalifrog’s Heart of Roses on the Pandora Honeysuckle Pink Leather bracelet. 

I also tried it on the pink leather in a slightly different variation. 

Finally, here it is with a Pandora Rose Heart. There are four True Beadz below, in the Baby Pink shade. I’m not sure which way I like the Droplet Pendant the best. I think it’s a pretty versatile little piece of jewellery and I’d  also like to try it with my Trollbeads leather necklace. Thoughts are welcome as to which combo appeals or doesn’t appeal!