Fenton Art Glass was an American company that manufactured handmade coloured glass for over one hundred years.  I thought I could picture one of their hobnail milk glass vases at my parents’ house but couldn’t find it when I looked on the weekend. In 2011 they stopped the traditional glassmaking but the company continues to make glass beads and other jewelry in Williamston, West Virginia. The beads have a large core and will fit on Pandora and Trollbeads bracelets. I picked out a few beads from the Glass Crafted line and Fenton was kind enough to also send some of the Hand Decorated beads. They have an online store with shipping to USA and Canada and Perlen now carries quite a few of the beads, too, with worldwide shipping. The prices range from $35-$45 USD. 

Let’s jump right in with some of my favourites. This one is called Kindred Spirits. I love the different shades of pink and then the little bit of glitter makes it simply divine. 

This one below is called Winter’s Jewel Box and is seriously gorgeous. I absolutely love the mix of colours here. It makes me picture Catherine the Great in richly coloured velvets, for some reason. 

This next bead is called Winter Berries. Again, the way the colours are swirled and mixed around is really lovely and as you probably all know, I love purple!

I put these three beads together on the Pandora Honeysuckle Pink leather bracelet and added in a couple of the Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever. 

They also mixed in nicely with some True Beadz in the Purple Dream shade, plus an Dancing Fairies Stream (I think!) and a True Taste And Quiet Flows the Don. 

The other two beads I have macro shots of are Blue Lilacs, which makes me think of a Monet painting…

…and Zhivago, from the Ice Kissed Collection. 

Here they all are on a Trollbeads Bangle. 

The cores of the Fenton beads are a bit like Chamilia ones, that is to say, one side is like a Trollbead and the other side is more like Pandora. I made a core comparison photo of each side. Left to right are beads by Trollbeads/ Pandora/ Ohm Beads/ True Beadz/ Fenton and Chamilia. 

Next we have some beads from the Hand Decorated line. This is Bubbles, in a macro shot. 

Each Hand Painted bead I have put on a bangle with non painted ones on either side. 

This combo features some Ohm Beads from the Bee Ohm collection and Mama Terra. The Fenton bead is called Queen of the Garden

This combo uses two True Beadz from the Purple Dream shade. The Fenton bead is called Purple Passion. This might be my favourite combo. 

I wore it on the weekend with my new Azure Bubbles Trollbeads. 

Next up is a real mishmash bangle with stoppers on each end called Hawaiian Floral by Redbalifrog. The two inner spacers are from Trollbeads. The glass bead on the left is the Fenton Blue Lilacs and in the middle is Flora Dora

The last bangle has Zhivago on the left, Elegance in the middle and Winter Berries on the right. 

Here are a few of the bangles together. I think these all mix and match pretty well, actually. I’ve kept them together for a few days and wore a couple of different ones each day, which was really fun!

So, I know some people have already expressed interest in these and some people have collected them already. I’d be curious if there are any favourites!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.