True Blossom Sunlight Spot

A couple of weeks ago I bought two True Blossom Sunlight Spot True Beadz because I thought they would be lovely for our grey month of February. I also bought The Wheel of Time so that I would have a pair. I love the shape of these silver beads very much! They are just perfect for flanking a glass bead. 

I’ve got several different combos with the  True Blossom Sunlight Spot, starting with this one featuring the 3 Roses silver bead. The other silver bracelets are one by Tiffany on the left and Redbalifrog on the right. 

In the photo below, check out how the True Taste Siberia blends in with the snow! The pink beads are True Air Baby Pink. 

This photo below I put through an Instagram filter in order to highlight the detail on the silver. The one on the right is Lilac and still remains one of my all time favourite True Beadz. 

Here is a bangle with True Blossom Beads in different shades. Left to right are Blue Mist, Baby Pink, the silver Lilac bead, Lilac and Sunlight Spot. 

For this combo I thought I’d try the Blizzard glass bead with the Sunlight Spots. Then I added in the Ohm Beads Dirty Twisted Bangle and a Trollbeads Bangle. 

Finally, here’s a full bracelet using the Sunlight Spot and Lilac shades. The beads in the middle and at the top are Treasures and the stoppers are the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral ones. Hope seeing these beads was a little ray of sunlight!

P.S. For those of you on Instagram, and I would encourage all bead lovers to join-just download the app and sign up, Julia has started a new fun activity. It’s a really nice bunch of people from all around the world who participate. Each month she’ll choose a colour and we just take a photo of something in that colour with some beads. This month it’s yellow. Use the hashtag #yellowFebruary2017 and see what others come up with. It can be any brand of beads! 💛


  1. Each bracelet is equally stunning. I do not have any true blossom beads. I must change that. I can’t seem to make up my mind which ones to get first.


  2. Hi Martha, I love every bracelet combination you’ve done here! The True Beadz are so pretty and the silver goes so well with the glass. I like that you still have a little bit of Winter in some of them but alot more of Spring. I have got to make a purple and yellow bracelet! I remember you showed those two colors together a while ago and I just love it. Your photos show off the beads so beautifully Martha. I’m curious as to whether you studied photography or if it’s a hobby?


    1. Thanks, Suzanne! No, I’ve never studied photography and don’t even have a camera, actually. This is all done with my iPhone. I’m a musician by training (used to play the oboe full time in an orchestra in Canada), but most musicians are also interested in other arts, I find. Maybe someday I’ll get a camera and take a course, but since it’s just a hobby, I’ll probably just stick to my iPhone. I am itching for an upgrade (I have the 6S) but that’s not likely to happen for a while!


  3. Hi Martha! The combo of Blue Mist with Baby Pink is amazing. It caught my eye even better than the ones with Sunlight Spot. It’s very pretty though too)))


  4. Wow! You’ve done amazing things with this glass. My favorite is the bangle, the one featuring the 3 Roses silver bead. I happen to have both those other silver bracelets by Tiffany and Redbalifrog, so I may try this!


    1. How fun that you have exactly the same bracelets! I always have a lot of fun trying to make different combos with a certain bead. That’s what my next blog post will be…different combos using Sweetness and Chances from the new Trollbeads collection. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  5. These beautiful colors and bracelet designs have given me hope that Spring and Easter are coming and hopefully soon! I love True Beadz glass and must get more since I only have Touch Baby Pink and Touch Lilac. I agree the silver Lilac is a special bead which I also own. I’m so impressed that you take your photos with your iPhone! You should do an ad for Apple! I always take a photo of bracelet designs that I like and keep them in a folder in Photos; otherwise I’d forget how I did them. I recently traded my iPhone 5S for a 7 and the cameras continue to get better. However, thoughtful, artistic photo composition and lighting is, in my opinion, even more important than the camera and you are a master at that!


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Dawn. That’s how I got started on Instagram…by wanting to take photos of bracelets so I could remember what I made. I was running out of room on my phone, so started to put them on Instagram so I could free up space on my phone (this was in the days before the cloud). I’m envious of your 7 but I would cost me hundreds and hundreds of dollars to upgrade, so I’ll have to wait. Have a great week!


  6. Sunlight Spot is such a pretty color! I love every one of your combinations. Winters are always so gray here in Rochester, and seeing these lovely spring colors is definitely a pick-me-up. And I’m happy to get the word about Julia’s new Instagram game. I’ve been missing Weekend Beads!


    1. Yay! The nice thing about Julia’s idea is that when you click on the hashtag, all the photos look so pretty together! And I guess since it’s for a whole month instead of weekend, we could potentially each do more than one photo. She’s a smart cookie!


      1. I like seeng different brands/countries/details united by just one thing -colour and the fact that we all love beads. It amazes me!

        PS I agree, Apple should hire you!

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