Trollbeads Perfect Moments and Soulmates

Today I’d like to feature two more of the glass beads from the Kindred Spirits Collection (affiliate link), available February 17. A lot of people on social media said that they are looking forward to Soulmates and Perfect Moments. Here is a macro shot of Soulmates. I love the stripes! There’s not much point of a macro shot of Perfect Moments, since the decoration is on the surface and easy to see. 

I quite like these two beads with Black Onyx. The silver bead wrapped around the Malachite is called Take A Chance. On the top is the silver bead called Spring Leaves, then Soulmates, Black Onyx, Perfect Moments, Malachite and Fantasy Hibiscus on the bottom. I wear a lot of grey and black so will make a lot of use out of this combo. 

I also like purple with green so tried out a bangle combo with an Amethyst. The spacer in the middle came out with the tiara and is called Two Hearts Spacer. If you’re in the USA or Canada there’s a good deal on with the bangle with the Amethyst right now, since they added some new things to their Falling in Love Collection. The Amethyst Bangle as seen here is $149 USD/$169 CAN. Or you can get it with other gemstones like the Black Onyx, Malachite, Amanzonite or Feldspar Moonstone. 

Next up are some all green combos. First, with a Malachite, which I quite like. 

Then here’s one adding in a Black Onyx and Amazonite. The spacers are called Dot to Dot on the left and Sunbeam on the right. 

Below is an asymmetrical bangle using the Single Water Lily Spacer and the Star of Hope. 

This bangle below uses the Fairy of Nature and the orange/green glass bead is called Once Upon a Time. The bumpy silver bead is called Water Lily Family. It’s a really nice size and balances the Fairy, I think. 

Here is a mini bracelet that I made to wear with the lock facing up. Actually, it’s what I’m wearing today for work. 

Below left to right are Fantasy Hibiscus, Perfect Moments, Love & Laughter, Amanzonite, Moonlight Dancing and Soulmates. 

Below left to right are Ancient Palace, Water Lily Family, Malachite, Once Upon a Time, Oasis, Social Circle and the Balance Lily Lock. 

So, that’s it for combos today, except here’s one I wore yesterday using the Roses for Mom bead ($56 USD/ $64 CAN) that will be coming out March 3. The stones are Pink Striped Agates and I’m positively swooning over them. The silver bead will also be out March 3 and is called Opposites Attract ($46 USD/ $53 CAN). Also, here’s a macro shot of the glass bead. So pretty! Oh yes, the bangle with three Water Lily Spacers? I’m now on a bead ban again, lol!!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


    1. Thanks April. I can see how getting gemstones in multiples would be very addictive. But one on a bangle is just lovely too. I’ll have to try more green and purple combos, I think.


  1. Green overload…in the BEST way possible πŸ™‚ I love your combos, they are stunning. Do you think true beadz holy grail would match this batch of greens? Bet it would look so great together.
    I luv the pink agate? Are they new ? Did you pick a few individually or get the whole set ?


  2. Hi Martha, I think Perfect Moments might be my favorite. I love all your combinations, especially the one with the Amethyst. Again these are two colors (purple and green) that I wouldn’t have thought of putting together. You are giving me a lot of great ideas here, Martha.☺ Now I need to get the beads! That Roses For Mom bead is just so pretty…I have to get it! I was trying to think what I would put with it on a bracelet. I really like it with the yellow and pink leather. And the Pink Stripe Agate beads are wonderful. I love the bangle with just the three Water Lily spacers. Bead Ban… Ha. Ha. πŸ˜‰


    1. Ha ha, yes, need to keep the bead spending down now. πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t believe how nicely the Roses for Mom matched the pink and yellow leather. I hardly ever keep permanent bracelets but this one I literally want to wear every day for a while! Suzanne, can you picture a bracelet just of multiple purple Amethysts and green beads? That would be so luscious!


      1. Each month I try to tell myself not to buy any beads. But then I’ll see one that’s wonderful and it’s a limited edition and I’ll be upset if I miss it and the next thing I know I’m ordering it. And yes, a green and amethyst bracelet would be lovely. See there I go already!


      2. Suzanne, I totally understand! I don’t know what country you live in, but I’m hearing from the British gals that the Roses for Mom will be quite limited in its numbers, so for sure that’s one you might want to pick up sooner rather than later. Too many beads out there!


  3. I am hoping to pick up Perfect Moments and Soulmates next week! But, now I have also fallen in love with the Water Lily Spacer as well. I will have to get it too! I just love the dangle spacers that Trollbeads has been releasing as of late! Simply stunning! Your combinations are beautiful as always, Martha! πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ˜˜


    1. Thanks Carol! I think the Water Lily Spacer is just perfect. For me it’s a great combination of something feminine but a good size plus there’s a lot of functionality. Have fun at the store when you go!


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