This is a bit of a weird blog post. I had some photos of a bracelet I made up for #yellowFebruary2917, the Instagram game that Julia of True Beadz came up with, but they are not spectacular. Then we went for an outing on Family Day, a holiday in Ontario, Canada and I had a different combo. I took a couple of pictures, one of which is really cool in my opinion, but it’s not enough for a blog post, so I’m doing a 2 in 1 today. πŸ˜€

First up is a yellow bracelet. It turns out I have hardly any yellow beads! I made this bangle last week, using two True Blossom Sunlight Spot beads by True Beadz. There are also two Azure Bubbles by Trollbeads and Waterfall by Ohm Beads in the middle. The background paper is Gudetama from Japan, which means Lazy Egg. What a funny little character!

Then here are the rest of my yellow beads, which isn’t much! I tried using the Ohm Beads Fireball, but it has a lot of orange, so didn’t really work. 

Below left to right are the Bumblebee Spacer by Trollbeads, Live Free by Ohm Beads, Sweetness and Social Circle by Trollbeads, True Touch Sunflower and Wheel of Time by True Beadz and Field of Daisies by Pandora. 

Below left to right starting in the middle is Thank You (the bee dangle) by Ohm Beads, Yellow Candy Stripes by Pandora and Social Circle by Trollbeads. 

Below left to right are a Trollbeads Unique, Sunflower by Redbalifrog, the Beehive Spacer and 40th Anniversary Lock by Trollbeads. 

For a combo I added in the Yellow/Light Pink Leather Bracelet with two Hourglass beads and a couple of clover beads by Trollbeads and the Redbalifrog Calla Lily. 

I like how the setting sun’s shadows make cool patterns on my wrist!

Ok, so that’s it for the yellow. I wonder what colour Julia is going to pick for March? I would bet money it will be green, but who knows? πŸ˜€

For yesterday which was Family Day in Ontario, I made up a quick combo of some random beads that I felt like wearing. The ring is the new Twisted Ring of Change with Blossom Shade and Mom’s Bouquet by Trollbeads. The Ohm Beads Bangle has some of my favourite little friends. The bracelet on the bottom is a mix of Trollbeads and True Beadz. 

Below, looking left to right are Sunbeam Spacer, Smile of Stars, True Touch Castle Stone, Rise Together, Pink Prism, True Taste Castle Stone, Pink Prism, Symphony of Hearts, True Blossom Castle Stone, Smile of Stars and Dot to Dot Spacer. The three Castle Stone beads are by True Beadz and everything else is Trollbeads.  

We went for a walk around this small lake that had mostly iced over. 

James wanted to take a photo of the bracelet on the ice and I said sure. In this light the Castle Stone beads match the ice! And I love how the Pink Prisms really pop!

That’s it for today! I’ll do another blog post Thursday or Friday. Some Ohm Beads are on their way including that super cute Ohm Jar, so that will be coming up soon. I’m trying to think of what to put with it and I’m leaning towards jam and jelly colours, like deep red and purple. Hope you’ve enjoyed this rather different kind of blog post and be sure to let me know if you like any of these beads or combos! And what colour do you think Julia is going to choose for March?