Fenton Glass Jewelry Beauty in Bloom

Launching tomorrow is the Fenton Glass Jewelry Beauty in Bloom Collection and the company kindly sent me several samples. The one called Petals in May immediately caught my eye. 

Right away I made up a little combo for my pink leather Pandora bracelet. Left to right the glass Fenton beads are Springtime Perfume, Lovely Roses, Petals in May and Mod Poisies. The whole collection can be seen here. My other blog post on Fenton is here

The next thing I tried was a large bracelet using some of my other Fenton beads, plus the Redbalifrog Russian Egg and the Pandora Remarkable Rabbit. My friend Sarah thought this bracelet resembled a speckled egg and I totally agree!

However, I couldn’t fit that one on, so pared it down a bit and put the beads on an Ohm Beads bracelet instead. Left to right are Winter Berries, A Hush of Lavender, Zhivago, Awake Little Flower, Lovely Roses, Redbalifrog Russian Egg, Kindred Spirits, Springtime Perfume, Winter’s Jewel Box, Petals in May and Blue Lilacs. 

A Hush of Lavender is so pretty. The silver stoppers are Hawaiian Floral by Redbalifrog and the other two beads are Blue Lilacs and Zhivago. 

On this bangle,  left to right, are Zhivago, Purple Marguerite Daisy and Winter Berries. 

These Beauty in Bloom colours really make me think of the spring and Easter so here’s another little bangle with Petals in May, Lovely Roses and Springtime Perfume. 

Take a look at Lovely Roses close up. Gorgeous!

Here you can see the detail on Springtime Perfume

Here’s a last look at the beads that were on the Ohm Beads bracelet, but are now on a Trollbeads bracelet with the Bumble Bee and Beehive Spacers. I also added in two Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever. I wore this earlier in the week even though it was snowing out. Bring on the spring! Do you have any favourites here? Mine are Lovely Roses, a Hush of Lavender and Petals in May.💕 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

8 responses to Fenton Glass Jewelry Beauty in Bloom

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, They are all beautiful, but I think my favorite would have to be Lovely Roses. I love all of your designs especially the one with your green and pink Pandora leather bracelets. Thanks for bringing a little bit of Spring today!


    • Martha says:

      My pleasure Suzanne! I do love pink and green together and that Petals in May bead pulls it all together. Lovely Roses is just super pretty-soft and delicate without having a washed out look. I will wear it today and dream of spring. 🌸 Have a great weekend!


  2. Tanya says:

    I love the soft color of “awake little flower” but I also love “lovely roses” and the speckled style of glass that Fenton produces. I put up Instagram photos of “Good Morning Sunshine” and “Desert Rose”, my first Fenton beads and I am absolutely thrilled with the beauty of the glass and copper flecks. Their style is so unique in the industry, though I wish they had a symmetrical core. Some of the painted glass styles on their website seem a little dated to me, but in fairness, other painted styles like the cardinals and nature themes are quite stunning and remind me of classic Americana. I am very excited about this brand, especially since they are made in the states. I hope they increase their visibility in the bead market! Great article Martha, loved the photos!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks Tanya and I loved seeing your photos on Instagram! I would like to see more people with the beads too, because I think the quality is excellent and some of the blends of colours are really unique, as you say. I’m going to wear some tomorrow and will look for your photo again!


  3. audreypettit says:

    They are all beautiful! These beads really do make me think of Easter, so I love your combinations with the Russian egg and Pandora bunny! I just stumbled upon my first Fenton bead purchase while doing a college tour with my daughter on Friday. Picked up one of their collegiate beads for the school she’s going to attend next fall. 🙂
    I’m now up to three whole beads! HahaHA! I know, I know… I need to slow down! 😀


  4. Dawn says:

    Wow! These are just plain pretty! Especially love your designs with the pink and green leather bracelets. My favorite bead is the Lovely Roses. Thanks, Martha, for the breath of Springtime!


    • Martha says:

      My pleasure, Dawn! I simply adore the Lovely Roses. There’s a lot of depth to the colours and it is such a pretty mix. I’m so looking forward to spring!


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