Chamilia Sale Beadmail

A couple of weeks ago, Tracy of BlackBootsLongLegs let me know of an awesome sale at Earrings and Company of Freeport, Maine. They have some retired Ohm Beads and Chamilia on sale for March.  Left to right, here is what I bought:

3 Metallic Collection Blush Beads

Iridescent Collection Pink Spectrum

Iridescent Collection Pink Copper

Spatu-Luv Spatula

Copper Urban Links (I would have bought a pair but this was the last one)

Clearly all of these pinks needed to go on copper so I quickly put this together. The Redbalifrog Brown Leather Strap might also be new. 😳

The Ohm Beads Hive Mind in Blushed looks awesome with copper as does the Urban Links bead. The bright pink bead second in from the left is made with dichroic glass. The sparkles really change depending on the way the light is hitting. 

The Metallic Collection Blush beads make me think of ballet slippers, so I put them with some pearls for a light and airy effect. 

The Spatula is a bit of a tricky one to use without the other baking themed beads, but someday I’ll get the little measuring spoons and mixer. What I’ve done for now is put it on a chain necklace with my Chamilia Tambourine and that Pandora pink dangle. It seems a bit random, but I think they look cute together. 

Next I tried a large bracelet. It was difficult to balance with the Ohm Beads Hive Mind and the Urban Links, but I really wanted to use them both. 

Below left to right are Trollbeads Neverending/ Pink Prism/ Blossom Shade, Chamilia Metallic Collection Blush, Trollbeads Social Circle and Daylight Brilliance. 

Left to right below after the Daylight Brilliance are the Chamilia Iridescent Collection Pink Copper, Ohm Beads Hive Mine Blushed, Chamilia Iridescent Collection Pink Spectrum/ Copper Urban Links and the Trollbeads Social Circle. 

Below left to right after the Social Circle are another Chamilia Metallic Collection Blush, Trollbeads Pink Delight Facet/ Pink Prism and Neverending. 

Here’s another look at the whole bracelet. This is definitely a like it or hate it kind of bracelet as it’s pretty busy looking. I know some Instagram bead friends bought a whole bunch of beads during this sale. There’s a store near me that sells Chamilia so I’m lucky that I can pick up items on sale easily and I’ve always found the quality to be really good. As of the other night the cute little Spatula was still on sale, if anyone feels like picking it up! I don’t usually buy so many beads at once but this was an amazing deal. What’s the best bead deal you’ve been able to find?

17 responses to Chamilia Sale Beadmail

  1. charmbead says:

    Great Chamilia haul! I’ve said this on Instagram already but I really hope that Trollbeads makes some copper beads. They only make the one copper bead and I’d love to see some designed copper spacers like the silver ones. I have a weakness for bead deals and the best deal I’ve participated in was an in-store event called “Besties and Beads” at my local Trollbeads concept store. Four friends were able to receive a silver foxtail chain bracelet and a simple double lobster clasp for purchasing any 1 bead. It was a great way to introduce new people to modular charm bracelets without the introductory price of having to buy the bracelet itself.


    • Martha says:

      April, I’ve got to buy that one copper Trollbead someday! Some decorative ones would be fabulous, as you say. I remember that event you did with your friends. That was most definitely a great way to get people started. If later they buy a decorative lock, the double lobster clasp one is perfect for the leather necklace, that’s where I keep mine. Because I wear the necklace usually with just one bead, I don’t need a heavy duty lock on it.


  2. Elise says:

    Beautiful choices, Martha! πŸ’— I was admiring your combo with the pearls on IG -so pretty! Deals are a fun way to try something different. One of the best deals I found was on Thomas Sabo a couple of years ago. A store in Scotland was closing and I was able to buy affordably a full bracelet of beads, which I would have otherwise admired from afar. In fact, I may have to put it on today! 😊


    • Martha says:

      Wow, a full Thomas Sabo? Awesome deal! I’d love to see it so if you have time, definitely put it on IG! I love hearing about great purchases like that. It’s always sad when a store is closing or discontinuing a line, but fun for customers. ☺️


  3. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, First, I love everything you’ve done here. I am a little surprised because it isn’t the type of bead I would normally choose, but I love that Spatula! I’m still new to collecting so I haven’t gotten the great bead deal yet, but I am eagerly waiting.


    • Martha says:

      Suzanne, I think the spatula appeals to me a lot because it makes me think of making special birthday cakes for the boys when they were younger. (They were pretty awful looking, but tasted good!) As much as I like abstract charms that can be used for anything, I do like ones that have a special meaning, too. The next Black Friday is when you’ll probably see some great bead deals. The past few years Trollbeads has put retired beads on at a really great price and because they have such a rich back catalogue, it’s a super time for newer collectors to pick up a few things.


      • Suzanne says:

        I never would have won any awards for my cake decorating skills that’s for sure! But it was fun. I’m looking forward to finding some good sales and hopefully be able to control myself at the same time.


  4. Carrie says:

    Thanks for the shout out Martha! Stay tuned for more bead deals. Meanwhile, we just brought in a selection of Fenton glass beads. They’re perfect for spring – if it ever gets here in Maine!


    • Martha says:

      Hi Carrie! I just noticed the other day that you now carry Fenton beads, which are lovely! It was snowing today here in Canada. Argh!


  5. Dawn says:

    Hi Martha! I love the metallic pink beads! So pretty and different in a really good way. They look great with silver or copper. The bead preview sale I went to on Sunday had quite a few Chamilia beads way marked down. I purchased one of them (not sure of the name). I also got two Elfbeads Monroes way marked down (Pink Petal & a white) as well as a Trollbeads Water Lily Spacer, Bumpy Ride, and Grey Prism (regular priced). I didn’t get a lot, but am happy with what I brought home! The sale was lots of fun; good sale prices, $10 off coupon, drawings (didn’t win even one), very nice swag bags, free Sterling charm bracelet, and refreshments. Fun day! We also met up with my daughter and son-in-law afterward so major good time.


    • Martha says:

      Dawn, sounds like you had a super day! What fun to come home with so many beads and that’s great that you got a free bracelet. You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Water Lily Spacer and if you plan to wear it by itself on a bangle. I’ve really been enjoying it that way!


      • Dawn says:

        I love the Water Lily Spacer and I wear it solo on a bangle. It looks great and is fun to wear. I thought of you when I bought it since you have three! It’s a really neat piece. I’m always partial to florals. I also like Bumpy Ride and plan to get a second one sometime.


      • Martha says:

        Bumpy Ride wasn’t one of my favourites at the beginning but I’m very drawn to it now. Enjoy playing with your new beads!


  6. Gayle says:

    You truly inspired me with those Blush metallic collection beads. I have managed to buy two from another seller who also had them on sale. What glorious beads they are.


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