Dreaming of the Beach, with the Trollbeads Palm Island

A while ago I bought the beautiful silver and glass Trollbead called Palm Island. I love how there is some sand coloured glass and then the blue for the water. 

The detail on the palm fronds is lovely. 

I just adore palm trees and get so excited when seeing them! This is one in Bali. 

First I tried it on my Brown/Light Grey Leather Bracelet. The Flip Flops and Swim Fins were new last summer and I don’t know if they were popular, but I think they’re cute. I bought my first ever real pair of flip flops only a couple of years ago! 

It looks good on a chain necklace, I think. 

But I wanted to make a large bracelet and this time didn’t stick to just Trollbeads. I looked around for anything I had to remind me of being near the ocean and the Tuk Tuk is there because it made me think of the beach at Hua Hin in Thailand. 

The first beads I picked out though, were my Azure Bubbles, the Fish Lock and Wave of Dreams. 

Below left to right are the Ohm Beads Growling Hippo, Trollbeads The Eye, Redbalifrog Rope, Trollbeads Beach, Ohm Beads Narwhal, Trollbeads Azure Bubbles and Star of Power. Doesn’t the Narwhal have the most adorable little smile?

Below left to right after the Star of Power are Trollbeads Arctic Stripes, Palm Island, Ohm Beads Waterfall, Trollbeads Star of Protection and Azure Bubbles. 

Below left to right are True Beadz Shells n’ Star, Trollbeads Beige/Blue Dot, Redbalifrog Rope, Trollbeads Wave of Dreams, Ohm Beads Tuk Tuk, Trollbeads Fish Lock. 

Here’s a last look at the bracelet. The fish kind of looks dead hanging upside down like this, whoops! Anyway, I think Palm Island is such a beautiful little piece of art and then it’s just a bonus that it can be worn. It will be good to try something like this again when it’s really hot out this summer, or just whenever the beach is on my mind!


  1. Hi Martha, Your full bracelet is so beautiful with all the different blue beads and I love the Tuk Tuk on it. And the poor dead fish…still holding everything together!!!


  2. This is definitely one of my favourite themes for a bracelet and you have so many wonderful beads to illustrate it. I am happy to have seen your Palm Island bead in person and think the colour of blue, with just the right amount of sand, is perfection. It’s a dreamy work of bead art.
    The palm trees are indeed beautiful!


    1. It really is bead art, as you say, Sarah. There are so many Trollbeads like this, that are so beautifully made that one needs time to sit and relax to really look them over. Now we have a rainy day and I’m going to look at the sunny beach photo again!

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    1. I really like the Fish Lock also, Dawn. I didn’t really use it all winter but feel like I’d like to use it more frequently now that the weather is turning a bit warmer!


  3. You are so inspiring me with your beautiful beads and fabulous combinations! I’m still so new to the bead scene, but absolutely love how they can invoke so many memories of places you’ve visited or special things in your life. I do love the ocean and the beach, so this post really speaks to me. I just got the fish lock and a leather bracelet to gift to my daughter on her birthday tomorrow. Can’t wait to see her reaction. And I had my hands on that cute narwhal the other day, but let it go. I’m trying to pace myself….. I’m up to five whole beads now! 😉


    1. Oh Audrey, you crack me up! Five beads is a wonderful start to a collection and even if you never get any more they can be enjoyed over and over! I hope your daughter likes her present! The Narwhal is super cute and make me smile when I look at it. Happy Birthday in advance to your daughter!


      1. Thanks, Martha! I get a kick out of the different between your beautifully curated bead combinations and my wacky nonsensical “put all five beads you own together on your bracelet, even if they don’t go together” approach to design! 😉 It really is a hot mess, but I love it!


      2. And that’s all the matters, that you love it! When you get a minute can you DM a photo of it to me on Instagram? I’m dying to know which five beads you have!!


  4. This is definitely my favorite theme, Martha! I just can’t get enough of the beachy/nautical beads! I love Palm Island! It looks absolutely stunning on your bracelet! Wave of Dreams is such a lovely bead as well. I can’t believe that I don’t have these YET!


    1. Carol, there are just too many beads to get! You have some beautiful beach themed beads yourself. I’ve decided my next Trollbeads purchase is going to be the Aqua Kit. I think you have several of those beads!


      1. Oh! You’re buying the Aqua Kit! Fabulous! That was the very kit that convinced me to start a Trollbeads collection. It’s interesting, because while at the Concept Store, I considered buying Spring Wave, the only bead that I don’t yet have from the Aqua Kit. I can’t wait to see how you style your beads, Martha. I’m really looking forward to your photos!💚💙😍


      2. Oh, well I won’t be buying it until May, so it will be a while, LOL! I have a list now of planned purchases. If we want to go on a big trip I’ve got to reign in the bead spending!


  5. Hi again, Martha, I just wanted to tell Audrey that I completely understand your design strategy. I am currently wearing all my silver…consisting of a Sugar Skull, Heart 4 You, Cherry Blossoms and a chicken!

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