A couple of Instagrammers posted photos of the bright pink and orange Elfbead called Sweet Flowerworld LE and I was instantly smitten. Yes, I also buy beads based on other people’s photos! I love pink and orange together plus when you add in the little flowers, I absolutely couldn’t resist it. 

Due to it being shaped like a focal bead, I first tried it on a bangle with the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral Spacers and two Trollbeads called Red and Lavender Armadillo Bead (right) and the Pink and Orange Armadillo. 

To make a combo I added in a bangle with the Water Lily Spacer and the Twisted Bangle. 

The colours in the Sweet Flowerworld also match a couple of True Beadz-the Friendly Smiles on the left and a Treasure on the right. The silver beads on the bangle on the left are two Trollbeads Neverending ones. Ooo…I just bought the Neverending Ring and it is fantastic! I’ll do a blog post on rings sometime soon. The middle bangle uses two True Beadz Wheels of Time. 

For a large bracelet I added some Trollbeads uniques and my new Summersday bead from Germany. It’s the pretty pink daisy one on the left. I need to thank my friend Sarah for not buying it! These beads are hard to purchase as they get snapped up really quickly. She had it in her online shopping basket but then changed her mind and then I picked it up!

On Monday it was sunny and warm out so I did a #mcctrish using the Cherry/Sage Green Trollbeads Leather Bracelet. The other True Beadz on the left is the Almost Quartz. I should have put the Ohm Beads Jar on here, as this looks like a thirst quenching kind of bracelet (not that I plan on drinking beads!). 

That’s it for today! Say, did anyone get their Perlen sale beadmail in yet? I saw a few people with new things on Instagram.  Next week I’ll do posts on the Spiritbeads Silver Sakura and the Trollbeads silver Daffodil of March bead, as my daffodils are just about to bloom! Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone! I’ll leave you with an updated ‘bunny painting Trollbeads’ photo!