This is a bit of a mishmash post today. I still have some Trollbeads from the Spirit of Life Autumn Collection that I want to feature, so I started out making combos with them but then morphed into taking photos of the Redbalifrog Art Nouveau. Starting with the two Trollbeads, these are slender silvers that look great in between glass beads. There must be thousands of ways to use them! Here they are on a Fantasy Necklace. 

Only One You has the words ‘There is Only One You’ inscribed around the outer part. This was a photo I made for Earth Day and I should have turned it so we could see the words ‘Only One’ as in we only have one Earth. Oh well! It’s above the green Malachite on the necklace. Here is a macro shot of the flat side. I like how it’s swirly looking. 

Vision of Light is smaller and above the Black Onyx on the necklace. Here’s a macro shot of the flat side. It’s sort of like a baby Lotus Top!

Next I made a combo using my copper bangles and a bunch of spacers. I seriously love the Bumble Bee!

In our front garden we have a bit of periwinkle which is such a lovely shade of purple. I took a macro shot of one flower. 

This is the bangle I made to go with the flowers. (I took the flower picture in the backyard, so the colour looks different.)

But I also had this one on the go. 

I’ve always wanted the Redbalifrog Art Nouveau bead, which is so elegant! It’s only available at one store, called Heidi’s Trollbeads and More and it’s in Austria. However it was very easy to order and it came quite quickly. It was €39 plus shipping and I consider it to be a really good deal. I imagine it will also look nice on my leather necklace. Art Nouveau was made for the artist Gustav Klimt’s 150th birthday. There are other Redbalifrog beads exclusive to Heidi’s and here’s a link if you want to see them. 

The Trollbeads Lavender Prisms are also newish to me and are super pretty!

The final two bangles together look like this. I don’t know how Sarah (@sarinak23) gets her wrist shots so straight! My wrist is actually a tad askew from an old hockey injury (I broke it!).

I see Only One You on Instagram a fair amount. Some people like the inscription, I imagine. Pandora certainly puts a lot of inscriptions on beads, but I don’t think Trollbeads has in the past.  I really like the shape of it, I must say. 

My apologies for this being  kind of an unfocused blog post but is there anything here for ‘the list’? Or anything you have already? What I’m putting on ‘the list’ is prisms as I’m finding them really useful and they are so pretty! That 10% off purchases of $50+ at (affiliate link) is still good for Americans and the code is TB10OFF, if anyone wants to use it. Coming up later this week will be some Melanie Moertel glass beads. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.