Pandora Ivory White Leather Bracelet

The other day I went to the mall to pick up the Pandora Ivory White Leather Bracelet. I was going to wait for the free leather bracelet event (in Canada) but then decided to focus on saving money for some gold Trollbeads stoppers. I love the look of the two tone blue and pink leather bracelets but decisions had to be made! I was interested to see that they have moved to the ball shaped clasp but with the threads. It doesn’t have that sheen that other recent leather bracelets have. 

First I put some old (or shall we say, classic) Pandora charms on. Isn’t the dangle with the pearl so lovely? I should use it more often! I still really like those Tropicana silvers, too. 

I wore it for the rest of the day with the bracelet I already had on. 

Here is the other bracelet by itself. I reluctantly took it apart yesterday as I needed some of the beads for a different combo but for sure I will re-make this someday. 

Next I tried a combo where Sock Monster is saying, “Get me away from these sparkles!” The Picnic Basket and Strawberries beads are both Ohm Beads. I like how the shadows look like a little city. 

For this combo I took the Trollbeads Universal Unique off its purple leather bracelet and used it here, in the middle. 

The Trollbeads Troll Anemone Pendant fits on Pandora leather. 

Three more combos to go! Because it is an ivory colour, it can blend pretty well with a stark white or cream colour, I think. You can decide for yourself! Here it is with some teal coloured beads. Those Disney Muranos are just so stunning. On the top is the Elsa one. 

The creamier shades of some of the beads from the Trollbeads Winter Wonder Kit look lovely with the ivory bracelet.  I think this might be my favourite look. 

Lastly, for a summer vibe of let’s go to the beach here is a mini bracelet made with the Trollbeads Palm Island. Top to bottom are the Swim Fins, Beach, Cozy, Palm Island, Beige/Blue Dot, Whitecap, Flip Flops and the Fish Lock, all Trollbeads. 

So, I quite like the Ivory White Leather Bracelet and hope it wears well. I know what a couple of you got from the new Pandora collection, but please feel free to let us know what you bought or are planning to buy!

10 responses to Pandora Ivory White Leather Bracelet

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, First of all I love all the designs you’ve done. I don’t know that I would necessarily have chosen a white bracelet but it looks rea!lly pretty. I need to get that Anemone Pendant! On your full bracelet could you please tell me what the frog in the leaf is? Because I need that too! I’ve tried to find a Sock Monster but no luck there.


    • Martha says:

      Yes, it’s taking a chance with a white bracelet, but sometimes I regret not getting Pandora Leather Bracelets and I think I might use it a lot in the winter, strangely. The Troll Anemone Pendant is such a stunning piece of silver, isn’t it? I like it best just on the Trollbeads bangle with one glass bead-simple and elegant! The little frog on the leaf is by Redbalifrog and called Palm Frond & Frog. It’s so sweet! One time when we were at Disney World I got a photo of a tiny frog sitting on a plant that kind of looked like a palm frond and it totally reminds me of this charm! I bought the Sock Monster at a bead event and think it is not actually available to buy. I always wrestle with should I use things that people can’t buy, but I adore him so much.

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    • Martha says:

      So true. I’d say he’s my favourite character bead of all time! He can appear to be thinking many different things-in my mind, anyway. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Guy Benhamou says:

    Hello,We have invented a new bracelet for Pandora Style beads , the bracelet solve many issue for the consumer , no more broken nail , load on both side and fits every wrist fro small to large.We will like to send you a complimentary sample .we just will like your feedback on it.RegardsGuyย 


  3. The white leather bracelet is really lovely, Martha! It looks amazing with so many different shades! The teal combo is my absolute favorite! The Teal Fascinating and Teal Lattice muranos really pop! I also love your Sock Monster combo! It REALLY does look like a cityscape on your wrist! Lol!๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜˜


    • Martha says:

      I love that teal combo too, Carol and I think I kept it together for a couple of weeks! I almost bought another Teal Lattice during the recent Rue La La sale, but decided to save money for some Trollbeads instead. I have that Aqua Kit on my wishlist that you always use! ๐Ÿ˜˜


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