*The contest has closed and the random number generator has picked Lizzy as the winner! Please send me an email-it’s on the right hand side of the page. Thanks for entering everyone and I loved reading about all the wonder festivals around the world! Next week on my blog will be the True Beadz Dragon Shadow collection on Tuesday and the Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz on Thursday. Have a great weekend!*

To help celebrate the 2nd Annual OHM Gnome Festival, Ohm Beads is giving away an Ohm? Horrible bead, as pictured below. 

Here are a few things that went on during last year’s festival:

There was a limbo contest. 

A parade…

However, the trombonist had been out drinking the night before and passed out due to dehydration. How typical. 🙄 Good thing the ambulance was there!

Here’s a photo of the initial organizing meeting for this year. Hippo is in charge of security, Trombonist is providing the music, Sock Monster is designing the outfits, the Zombie friends are pushing the food carts and Ambulance is there in case Motherhood goes into labour early. 

The first parade practice didn’t go too well. 

But then they got their act together. 

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us about your favourite festival from your country!

This will close Saturday morning at 9am EST. I’m also running it on my Instagram and there will be giveaways at various social media sites plus there will be some stuff to buy on the OHM Stuff Facebook page.  Have fun!