Ohm Beads Giveaway

*The contest has closed and the random number generator has picked Lizzy as the winner! Please send me an email-it’s on the right hand side of the page. Thanks for entering everyone and I loved reading about all the wonder festivals around the world! Next week on my blog will be the True Beadz Dragon Shadow collection on Tuesday and the Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz on Thursday. Have a great weekend!*

To help celebrate the 2nd Annual OHM Gnome Festival, Ohm Beads is giving away an Ohm? Horrible bead, as pictured below. 

Here are a few things that went on during last year’s festival:

There was a limbo contest. 

A parade…

However, the trombonist had been out drinking the night before and passed out due to dehydration. How typical. 🙄 Good thing the ambulance was there!

Here’s a photo of the initial organizing meeting for this year. Hippo is in charge of security, Trombonist is providing the music, Sock Monster is designing the outfits, the Zombie friends are pushing the food carts and Ambulance is there in case Motherhood goes into labour early. 

The first parade practice didn’t go too well. 

But then they got their act together. 

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us about your favourite festival from your country!

This will close Saturday morning at 9am EST. I’m also running it on my Instagram and there will be giveaways at various social media sites plus there will be some stuff to buy on the OHM Stuff Facebook page.  Have fun!

70 responses to Ohm Beads Giveaway

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Great story and pictures! My favorite festival is the King Richards Fair. It’s Renaissance fair. It’s fun to watch the people. My sons love the turkey legs and I love the vendors. It’s a bit overpriced and a touch silly but we like it. Last year we brought home a Claymore just in case we get called for battle!

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    • Marianne Hagedorn says:

      The greates festival is the Music festival “kløften festival” it is a Big avent in over city
      People come from the hole country 😊

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  2. Nadezhda says:

    I love all your photoes, but the last one is the best!!! In Russia I like the winter fest ” Trip to Christmas”, it’ s very joyful and bright!!!

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  3. Alex says:

    I always liked the Oktoberfest in a local neighboring town. Always had fun and enjoyed the food , culture and games

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  4. Mary Miller says:

    My favorite festival from my country (Canada) is the annual Apple Blossom Festival in the small town where I grew up! The highlight of the festival was always the Parade full of colorful floats, bands, etc. and of course the Apple Blossom Queen!

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  5. Evgeniya says:

    I like Bazhov Festival near my city – Chelyabinsk, Russia. All artisians offer their stuff, lots of music and joy.

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  6. charmdluv says:

    You are so funny:-) I totally enjoyed your story. Would love to see those ‘motherhood’ babies lol …. We have Tomorrowland here… a gathering of people from all around the world, united in a small city bringing happiness and love ! No matter who you are people are always smiling and friendly.

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  7. Holly says:

    When I was young, we used to go to the Peach Fesrival at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. I loved it! Peach pie, peach cobbler, peach cookies, peaches everywhere, it was sooooo good. That was probably my favorite!

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  8. Branislava Jovanovic says:

    Hello, I am from Serbia, and my favourite festival here is EXIT summer festival, one of the best music festivals in Europe.

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  9. Melissa says:

    My favorite festival is the Portland Highland Games. I love the food, the Scottish dancing and music and ending the night watching the caber toss.

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  10. Yuliya Kondratenko says:

    This summer was held in Moscow an amazing festival of the era and times on a historical theme, it was very interesting🤓

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  11. Ruth Wallhoff-Randerath says:

    My favorite festival is the Folkfest in Duisburg-Rheinhausen. Small festival, lots of good music and Cider. And best thing is – it is TOMORROW 🙂

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  12. What a fun post, Martha! Your photos are making me smile! My favorite festival is our annual Lazy Days Art festival where the town closes off streets and vendors line the sidewalks with booths filled with artisan crafts and foods. Always something new to see and do! ❤️

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  13. lidialouise76 says:

    The Cheese Festival is coming up near me this summer! Who doesn’t love cheese? I can’t wait!! 😀

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  14. kryan67 says:

    My favorite local festival is the Celtic Fling that is held on the grounds of a Renaissance Faire. I loved it when my daughters competed in the Feis that is held there.

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  15. Shell Courtney says:

    My favorite festival near where I live is the Pumpkin a festival in Circleville Ohio!
    Pumpkin sugar waffles, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin funnel cakes
    Everything pumpkin!!!
    And the largest pumpkin submitted wins – there have been huge ones, over 1000 lb and more!!! ❤️🎃

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  16. Carol says:

    My favorite festival in Chicago is the Christkindlmarket Chicago, I love seeing all the items from different countries and the smell of the wonderful food being made. I just always feel bad for the workers because of the bitter cold we sometimes get. They placed another market in Naperville Il because of how popular it has become. I love the sites, sounds and smells of Christmas.

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  17. Here in the UK there are so many different festivals. My favorite local festival here in Coventry, is the “Godiva Festival” named after lady Godiva who rode through the streets of Coventry as a protest. Today, the festival is the biggest free music festival in the uk!

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  18. Corinne W says:

    Funny post and great pictures!!
    I leave in France.
    My preferred festival in France is the Brest’s International Maritime Festival which is hold every four years. There is often the presence of the Hermione, a replica of La Fayette’s historical flagship. As always, the festival also brings together sailing ships, traditional boats, exotic crafts, yachts and other boats from around the world. There are also concerts, exhibitions and other wondrous events to the delight of the hundreds of thousands of visitors.
    If you love sea and boats … A festival not to be missed !

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  19. Annette says:

    The Oktoberfest in Munich my hometown. Rides, grilled chicken, cheese and pepper and of course lots of good beer.

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  20. Muriel says:

    Hi, I don’t recall any festival in my city but I like the theater festival in Santiago, which always includes a parade-theater presentation.

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  21. Francesca Mazzanti says:

    Il mio festival preferito era il “Latinoamericando” dove organizzavano concerti di artisti del settore e si poteva mangiare nei ristoranti tipici, brasiliano, argentino…e c’era una grande pista da ballo, il salsodromo, dove poter ballare tutta la notte! Un concerto memorabile è stato quello di Marc Anthony!! Purtroppo da qualche anno è cambiato tutto…

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  22. Suzanne says:

    Martha, I want to go to your parade!!! Not too far from where I live they have both a garlic festival and a bacon festival at different times of the year. They have everything you can imagine involving these two foods, but the most unusual would be the ice cream! Bacon ice cream…not too bad. Garlic ice cream…yeah.

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  23. nicoletta says:

    fun parade, so amazing !!! my favourite festival in Italy (that is my country) is Carnival in Viareggio with papier-mache wagons and masks

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  24. Thao says:

    I love your story. My greatest festival from my country is our Luna/Moon Festival, where you create your own lantern using bamboo and decorate see through paper and you decorate it and use candle to light it. Then you would have a parade through town at night to light up the street and then later a get together to eat moon cakes to celebrate..It was great.

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  25. Stormy Hampton says:

    It’s called Mayfest! We have tons of rides. Award winning foods. Lots of music and local bands. It’s a family tradition!

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  26. Yrsa Andersen says:

    I am going to my favorite festival Saturday the 10 June and I the music played is iris inspired by a Danich group called Tørfisk and I love the guys.
    Later in the evening Runrig is playing.

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  27. Lizzy says:

    I love almost any festival and parade if it has a live band! One of my favorites in recent years is the Walworth county Fair. We’ve seen the beach boys, REO Speedwagon, lots of other amazing performances. Foghat is playing this summer, so I’ll have to raid my Hubby’s CD collection to hear what they play.

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  28. Clare says:

    We have a good festival in our town everywhere, you can sample wines, cheeses chocolate and all sorts of delights. There is cooking in the streets and food demonstrations.

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  29. Lauren says:

    Here we have a lot of little things, in the town I live in. If I went into NYC it has a lot more. But here we have an annual town party and dog show, carnivals and we have something called st. Roch’s fest which is really fun. It is in August and benefits st. Rochs church and is kind of a mini carnival. It’s always fun. And the dog show called puttin on the dog we always have in September and all the profits go to adopt a dog. It’s like a fun dog show.

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  30. Katy says:

    I come from the middle of nowhere in Texas, where every small town is known for some odd thing. The next down over hosts a Peach and Melon festival every summer. I love it because a) fruits are delicious, but also b) locals grow heirloom variety melons for the festival that you don’t get elsewhere. Watermelon with not only seeds but spiralized patterns of seeds that match a painting from the 1700s. Israel melon, which is white but delicious and I’ve never seen it anywhere else. It’s great to try many varieties of the same melon and see the differences.
    There’s also a cooking contest so you get to try melon salsas and pies and even strange and exciting things like bacon melon beverage. There’s even a peach and melon queen crowned so the whole thing is just good fun. Not to mention so filled with gnomish melon creations that even grumpy cat would have to admit it was a fun time when she participated in the tractor pull.

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  31. Susy Gamarra says:

    Hi!!! My favourite festival is in a close city called Blanes in Catalonia, Spain. Every summer they have a fireworks international contest. Streets are plenty of people and parades with popcorn a suggar apples 😍😍. I love it!

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  32. Mary B says:

    Where I live in northern Wisconsin (USA) there are many harvest type festivals: blueberry, apple, etc. Most of these festivals occur during the summer or early fall when there are already many activities to participate in. The long winters are killers at times so our family came up with a festival of our own: Hedgehog Festival. Sometime in mid to late February when the cold and snow has kept us indoors for far too long we plant grass seed in an indoor planter. When the grass is high enough to cut with a ceremonial scissors, Hedgehog Festival begins… which includes banners with hedgehogs and an array of fun food treats. Hedgehogs aren’t native to the USA so they add to the mythical magic of the celebration.

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  33. Maria Helena Giacomelli says:

    I like the “Tomatina” is a festival where people hit others with tomatoes, hihihi very funny and friendly.

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  34. Ana Tomás G. says:

    I love rock/heavy music festivals, in Spain there are some. For me the greatest one is Resurrection Fest. I hope someday to go there!!! From the other side I like any medieval festival, in november we use to have many.

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  35. Veronique Tremblay says:

    Here in Saint-Georges, Québec, we have the festibière (festibeer)! A great occasion to discover some local products, good beers and share a great moment with friends.

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  36. Jessica says:

    Kemp shore music festival im nova scotia…..its super folksy and family friendly…and one of the few festivals you can still walk around with a cool brewskie in your hands and see people jam at night. Just awesome

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  37. eMily says:

    I live near New Orleans, Louisiana and this city lives and breathes festivals! The is a festival for almost anything: Burlesque Fest, Brunch Fest, Fried Chicken Fest, Beignet Fest, French Quarter Fest NOLA on Tap (beer), Hogs for the Cause (BBQ)… We have music festivals: Jazz Fest, Bayou Boogaloo, VoodooFest and so on.

    Practically every holiday is cause for a parade in the Crescent City! But what we’re probably most famous for is Carnival, the weeks from Epiphany to Fat Tuesday – Mardi Gras! Scores of Krewe each hold their own parades and some host elaborate balls/galas.

    A personal favorite is Krewe of Chewbacchus. Theirs is a parade we will never miss; the brilliant costumes, handbuilt vehicles, and handmade throws are amazing! And best of all, they are a welcoming and completely inclusive community where anyone can join or even create their own unique “subkrewe.” Who knows, someday we could organize our own sub Krewe of Beads!

    Long story short/tldr: Come visit NOLA! There’s something for everybody.

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  38. Lex says:

    My favourite festival is rewind festival, it’s an 80s music festival with all the big bands and u guess up in ur perm, shoulders pads and neon stuff and party all weekend.

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  39. Anya says:

    My favourite festival is The Ely Eel festival; featuring such loved activities as Eel Throwing (only cuddly eels were harmed in this event), the Parade of the Eels, and of course the traditional Eel Cook Off!

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  40. Holly says:

    Port Eliot festival in Cornwall is the best. It’s in grounds of stately home, has wild river swimming, glamping, posh breakfasts, amazing bands, artists, great jewellery stalls, talks and is really family friendly.

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  41. Paula says:

    My favorite local festival is “Sheep to Shawl”. A wonderful family event and way for children to experience the wool making process, from sheep shearing to textile creation. And since this festival is held in the spring there are plenty of baby lambs too!

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  42. nikicover says:

    I live in italy. .my favourite festival is the palio di Siena. A horse race in one of the loviest locations in the world . I know that some artisans make some wonderful beads created for this special event!!!!

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  43. Sarah Addis says:

    My favourite is the Hay- on-Wye music festival which I went to last week … enjoyed the food hall for choice of beautiful vegetarian food, and great music from the lovely Will Young.

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  44. Анна Михайлова says:

    My favorite festival in Russia is Maslenitsa, the feast when all escort winter and the cold and welcome spring, new life. The holiday lasts for a week, all visit each other’s homes, treated to pancakes, we organize fairs, festivals and various outdoor games.

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  45. Christina says:

    Here in the Southwest US, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a huge event. It’s a Mexican holiday that’s celebrated in a lot of places, but it’s a HUGE celebration in my town in Arizona. There’s an all day festival to honor the dead that includes a parade, painted calavera, masks and costumes, music, theatrical shows, artists of all kinds, a large community altar. And so much delicious mexican food. 🙂

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  46. Rachel Hernandez says:

    We have a ton of fairs at the end of summer and fall in New England (NE portion of the US) My favorite of all of them is the “Big E”. Awesome FOOD, crafts, rides, parades, concerts and just overall a lot of fun. It’s something we look forward to every fall.

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  47. Maya Uhryniuk says:

    My favourite festival here in Canada is Pride! Its so much fun and the acceptance of people brings joy to my heart.

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  48. lilwilson1 says:

    This made me smile 🙂 My favorite festival is Whit Friday back in my home town of Mossley, England. I now live 5000 miles away, but love seeing the photos of everyone getting together to enjoy the day. Whit Friday brings all brass bands together to compete, and there is nothing like the sound of a brass band playing. Everyone always gets new clothes, and local churches, and bands walk through the town playing music. Everyone lines the streets to watch and listen. Its a fantastic day and wish I were closer to join in the festivities. ❤

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  49. Liz Harris says:

    My favorite festival is Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I went to grad school at LSU and was an experience like no other!

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  50. charmbead says:

    Love your whimsical photos with your Ohm characters. My favorite festival in NYC is probably the Cherry Blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

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  51. My favorite is the German Alps Fest at Hunter Mountain in the Catskill Mountains of NY. We would always go with my family and listen to German music, eat great food and go up the ski lift to the top. It was so much fun!

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