Just a quick post today to show some live pictures of a Pandora Fabric Friendship Bracelet. My local store always gets things fairly early and I thought I’d pick up the purple one. They are fairly inexpensive, so for $40 CAN it was worth a try for me. They do fit a bit small, the sales lady mentioned. Usually I wear a Medium but decided to go with the Large since I wanted to put a couple of beads on. A traditional friendship bracelet fits very tightly to the wrist. My son is currently wearing one he made at camp, in fact. It wasn’t $40, though, ha ha ha! In the warm weather I don’t like things tight fitting and sticky feeling, so wanted a looser feel. It would be worth trying them on in the store before purchasing. 

Here is the cute little heart where the cord slips over. I think it feels pretty secure, although I’ve only been wearing it for a day! I can get it done up by myself but some people might find it a bit fiddly.

For me the super fun part is that Trollbeads fit on! Yay! It’s always nice to have options. Top to bottom are an Amazonite, Amethyst and Malachite. Gorgeous with the purple, I think!

Here is a ‘waving my arm wildly to show how it stays’ video. 


While Trollbeads (and therefore pretty much any brand of beads) fit on, you might want to use the silicone stoppers perhaps. I tried that and didn’t care for the look, perhaps because mine are fairly chunky and the fabric is a bit more delicate looking. It works okay to use a few beads but they can slip around and the beads will possibly fall to the bottom of the wrist after a while. These are Trollbeads’ Flip Flops, Sea Anemone and Lucky Knot along with the Ohm Beads Twisted Bangle and a Tiffany bracelet. I still think these Flip Flops are cute! 

For warm and sticky weather I will go with something like this-no beads at all. 

Also, I like it as a pop of colour with other bracelets, like my Daisy Duck one.  

Lastly, I tried a combo that ended up being my favourite, being a Trollie at heart. 

It will be interesting to see if the fabric stretches over time. This will be a great bracelet for travel to hot and humid climates. Perfect if one is in a place like South Korea for when you step outside and it feels like you are swimming as you walk around as it’s so humid. To see the rest of the colours check out Mora Pandora here and The Art of Pandora here. I can tell from my blog views that most of my readers are Trollbeads fans, but is anyone planning on getting one?

Coming up tomorrow is the Trollbeads Dreams of Freedom Kit and then by next week I should have some new Ohm Beads, including the fabulously fresh looking Green Crack.