I’m lucky enough to live just a 40 minute drive to a beach on Lake Erie in a little town called Port Stanley. We’ve been trying to go once a week, for a morning of beach time followed by lunch at Mackie’s, a restaurant that has been there since 1911 and is famous for its Orangeade. 

I took along 3 Redbalifrog beads that while older ones, are new to me. They each cost $33 USD. 

Turtle Dude has a cute little mouth. 

Star n’ Fish is absolutely adorable. It is the same on both sides. Again, the Leather Strap is just perfect for these beads.  

Koi Fish has some lovely detail. I really like the gentle wave that you can see on the top left corner photo. These beads are such a good price, in my opinion. 

The frog on the Frog Lock looks like it is trying to get away from the wave!

Since I have some other beach themed Redbalifrog beads, I thought I’d make up a larger bracelet at home. 

The glass is all Pandora with the one on the bottom middle being a Disney Cinderella one. The silver beads are all Redbalifrog. The little dangle is one of my all time favourites, called Palm Frond & Frog. It always makes me think of the time we saw the cutest little frog while walking along a path at Disney World, at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. 

Going clockwise, the silver beads are called Frangipanis Forever, Modern Mermaid, Rope/ Koi Fish, Turtle Dude, Balinese Masks/ Bali Hut, Star n’ Fish, Pineapple/ Rope, Surya the Sun and Frangipanis Forever.  

Here is a final photo to show the sizes of Redbalifrog beads. They are loosely grouped by theme. My next blog post will be on the Green Man and Balinese Troll. 

I’m not ready to think about fall yet and am going to keep enjoying the summer for as long as possible, so these sweet beads will help out with that! With so many beach themed Redbalifrog beads, which are your favourites?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.