Redbalifrog Beach Time

I’m lucky enough to live just a 40 minute drive to a beach on Lake Erie in a little town called Port Stanley. We’ve been trying to go once a week, for a morning of beach time followed by lunch at Mackie’s, a restaurant that has been there since 1911 and is famous for its Orangeade. 

I took along 3 Redbalifrog beads that while older ones, are new to me. They each cost $33 USD. 

Turtle Dude has a cute little mouth. 

Star n’ Fish is absolutely adorable. It is the same on both sides. Again, the Leather Strap is just perfect for these beads.  

Koi Fish has some lovely detail. I really like the gentle wave that you can see on the top left corner photo. These beads are such a good price, in my opinion. 

The frog on the Frog Lock looks like it is trying to get away from the wave!

Since I have some other beach themed Redbalifrog beads, I thought I’d make up a larger bracelet at home. 

The glass is all Pandora with the one on the bottom middle being a Disney Cinderella one. The silver beads are all Redbalifrog. The little dangle is one of my all time favourites, called Palm Frond & Frog. It always makes me think of the time we saw the cutest little frog while walking along a path at Disney World, at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. 

Going clockwise, the silver beads are called Frangipanis Forever, Modern Mermaid, Rope/ Koi Fish, Turtle Dude, Balinese Masks/ Bali Hut, Star n’ Fish, Pineapple/ Rope, Surya the Sun and Frangipanis Forever.  

Here is a final photo to show the sizes of Redbalifrog beads. They are loosely grouped by theme. My next blog post will be on the Green Man and Balinese Troll. 

I’m not ready to think about fall yet and am going to keep enjoying the summer for as long as possible, so these sweet beads will help out with that! With so many beach themed Redbalifrog beads, which are your favourites?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

12 responses to Redbalifrog Beach Time

  1. Noemi says:

    I love your bracelets! I’ve been tempted to go to the beach, which I dislike, by your wonderful pictures. I have no excuse I live no more than an hour away. Maybe this weekend. 🙂


    • Martha says:

      My husband is not a beach fan until he gets there and begins to relax. And the sound of the waves is what keeps us going back. Glad you liked the bracelets!


  2. LynneNY says:

    LOVE being at the beach, and equally LOVE my Redbalifrog beach themed beads! On a copper Troll bangle, I have the koi, nautilus, and sea urchin, along with a few stoppers. I get SO many compliments on that bracelet! Most people around here in NY have not heard of Redbalifrog or Troll. They only know Pandora, which I find can be boring sometimes with so much glitz all the time. Might have to spring for a sea horse and star ‘n fish. Love them all!


    • Martha says:

      Oh, I love the sound of the Redbalifrog beads on a copper bangle! I bet that looks great! And I agree, Redbalifrog is a great alternative to the Pandora bling.


  3. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, I love every one of Redbalifrog’s beads, but the Palm Frond and Frog is my favorite! I still want the tan leather strap and; now that I’ve seen the Frog Lock, that’s been added to the list. I’m not really a beach goer…love the ocean but don’t care for the sand and all that. And I am loving your collection of Redbalifrog silver beads! A few posts ago you did an all silver Ohm bracelet that I loved. Unfortunately I only have one silver Ohm bead (polar bear) and two silver Redbalifrog beads (sugar skull and alien). There is alot of bead shopping that needs to be done!


    • Martha says:

      Hi Suzanne! The little Palm Frond & Frog is just so cute! It’s also a really nice size to wear on a bracelet and there’s so much detail on the palm frond. I feel like I want to wear green bracelets with the frogs for the next couple of days!


  4. Alexandra R says:

    I love your bracelet.
    I don’t have a lot of Redbalifrogbut I like the brand more and more and the beads are such a reasonnable price ans such good quality compared with other brands.
    One of my favourite silvers is a Redbalifrog : the Howling Wolf. Really popular here. We love wolves in our family 😊


    • Martha says:

      Hi Alexandra! Yes, the prices are very reasonable, absolutely! That’s interesting that you like wolves. My cousin loved them growing up but eventually became a bat researcher. She posts pictures of dead bats on her Facebook page and I have to scroll by them quickly!


      • alexandrarimbert says:

        I don’t mind bats. I actually like them. Sometimes my father catches one when we’re in the countryside and they are so sweet!!! But I’m not sure I’d like to see dead ones 😕
        My daughter has like 10 plush wolves. A real wolf pack. Including a huge life-size one that is at the end of her bed that we bought when we went to a park to sleep next to wolves. They were right on the other side of the window while we slept. We’re waiting till our son is old enough to go back 😊


      • Martha says:

        Regarding the bats, my cousin goes into caves to retrieve the dead ones to figure out what is killing them. There is something called the white-nose syndrome which is killing lots of bats, which apparently is not good for the ecosystem. 😕
        Wow, you guys really do like wolves! What a fun adventure for your family to go sleep near them!


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