Once upon a time there was a Russian polar bear who loved to seek out new adventures. Sometimes he wandered a bit too far away and had a difficult time finding his way back home. Today was no exception, as he set off for a new adventure. After a swim in the water and an encounter with a jellyfish, the polar bear settled upon an iceberg and gazed up at the night sky.

When he awoke, an unusual looking creature with an unfriendly disposition asked the polar bear if he would like to share his strawberry. “I’ve never had a strawberry before”, said the polar bear, “but this looks delicious!” 

The funny little creature asked the polar bear to come meet his friend Saul. All three of them enjoyed splashing about the water for a while, but then the polar bear thought he’d better return home.

As his paws softly tread through the snow, the polar bear began to hear some scary sounds, like a low moan of someone who has been waiting over 4 weeks for beadmail. As he turned to look behind him, a Jiangshi offered the polar bear a sip of eggnog. “What a wonderful drink this is,” thought the polar bear. “But I do prefer a glass of cold milk.”

Fortified by the drink and no longer frightened, the polar bear quickened his pace. He longed to be home, with its familiar surroundings. As he got closer he could see the ice gleaming in the sunlight. It was so good to be home. 

Tune in next week (or later) for the saga of Baby Argh and the Underwater Lemon Tree. πŸ˜€