The other day I bought the Pandora Winnie the Pooh as I’ve been wanting it forever. We love Pooh Bear in our house! When Patrick was little we lost his Pooh on a camping trip and had to buy another! And seeing him at Disney is always a treat. Clearly the bead was needed to remember this moment. πŸ˜€

With various bead brands there are so many perfect pieces related to bees, honey and wood. Remember the time Pooh got stuck in the tree while looking for honey? I thought the Redbalifrog Log Stoppers would be suitable for a bangle with this theme. On the left is Ohm Bead’s Incremental Change. Then the two honeycomb spacers are also by Ohm Beads and called Please Survive and Make Room. The Trollbead on the right is called Golden Cave. I did a blog post on the Ohm Beads Bee Ohm Collection here.

The Trollbeads Bee themed Spacers also work well. They are called Bumble Bee (left) and Beehive (right). The Ohm Beads are Incremental Change, again and Live Free with the dangle being called Thank You. The glass beads on either side are the Green Rainbow Trollbeads I bought in New York.

For this bangle I was thinking that Pooh would like some honey in his tea. The glass Trollbeads are called Scirocco and the little mug is part of the Ohm Beads Coffee Collection.

Since Trollbeads has the Honey Dawn bead, I thought I’d try that too. On the right is another Trollbead called Cool Dusk and then there are two Pandora Petite Facets.


Lastly, I wanted to try some more warm tones and bring Sock Monster into the picture. The glass beads are the Ohm Beads Incremental Change, the Trollbeads Honey Dawn and Ohm Beads’ Bar Brawl.


A late addition to this honey party is the Ohm Beads ring called Work Together. (Got home late from work and there was beadmail.) Wow! I’m very impressed! It’s so substantial! It’s starts at $95 USD and here’s a video and photo below. 


To leave off, here’s one of my all time favourite bead photos. Just a simple one with Bar Brawl.


Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at Pooh Bear and some honey toned beads. I love these colours at this time of year, when the mornings and evenings have cool, crisp air. Are there many honey themed beads in your collection?

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