I just have a quick little blog post today because I so LOVE these adorable ladybugs from the German glass artist, Melanie Moertel. I’ve featured her here before on the blog, as I’ve purchased a couple of necklaces and she has sent me some beads. Imagine my delight in seeing these sweet ladybugs arrive in the mail this week! All of these glass beads are from Melanie Moertel. 😍

As someone mentioned on Instagram, they are so crisply made.

What I especially love about them is how their eyes seem to be very expressive and so the ladybugs are like little individual characters. They have a large core and will fit on Pandora bracelets. Below, the middle bangle uses some GirleGo stoppers that I recently purchased.

Here’s a video so you can see them from a different angle.

If you like them do check out her website and/or send her an email, as she speaks English fluently. The Ladybug Beads are €40. This reminds me of a time while teaching grade one music about a month ago. I was wearing one of her necklaces and the kids all wanted to touch it. I then showed them a video on glassmaking and it was a fun little time. I’m now taking a course for the next couple of months so am a bit swamped these days, but if there is anything you ever see on Instagram or my Facebook page that you’d like to see more of, do let me know. I’m trying to keep those up plus will be putting up some Ohm Beads videos on YouTube on weekends for the next while. Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.