Saturday, June 9th will be Trollbeads Day for 2018. My friend Trisha and I will be taking a road trip to the USA to visit a new Trollbeads Store, at The Mall of Partridge Creek. We are looking forward to seeing lots of beads! She has plans to buy the gorgeous Daisy and my plan is to check out pink pearls.

This year’s bead is called Wings of Amber. I hear that the long time Trollies are quite excited at this release.

Amber is said to be the gold of the North. 50 million years it has been underway and what we see is a specific moment in time. A ray of sunlight caught in a piece of amber. On this precious bead, a little insect is having a rest.

This bead is a Limited Edition. The year 2018 is stamped onto the core.

Last year’s Trollbeads Day bead was the gorgeous Golden Rutilated Quartz, shown below in the middle. This year’s bead is not as expensive and I’ll add in the price when I get it. There are beads with one silver insect ($75 USD) and beads with two ($115 USD) and a kit of 10 for $750 USD, which has 9 beads with one insect each and one bead with two insects. The amber varies in colour, of course. I’m quite partial to the maple syrup coloured one second from the right.

First I tried out a bracelet using some pink beads and this is my favourite look. I think the Golden Cave below in the middle looks amazing with the amber, as it complements the organic feel.

Next I made up a bracelet using some of the Native Elements Kit and I also like how this turned out.

Check out a YouTube video for a better look at the Wings of Amber beads.

I’d love to hear if you have plans to go to a Trollbeads Store on June 9th. I’ll try to share a blog post afterwards with pictures from the event! Do let me know what you think of this special and unusual bead.

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*Edited to add more photos*