If you are an art lover you might be interested in this bead from Lundd Denmark, based on the famous painting called The Scream by Edvard Munch. The first 93 orders come with a delightful small felted pouch, made of colours that reflect those in the painting. It costs $47.99 USD (tax free)/ €51/DKK 378 and can be found on the Lundd Denmark website.

Introducing LUNDD Denmark “Art Line” – a new bead concept interpreting old masterpieces as well as contemporary art, in ways never seen before. The idea is to capture both the motif and depict the story behind the artwork.

First in the collection is “The Scream”  An interpretation of Edvard Munch’s famous painting. It is generally accepted that the narrative behind it is his mentally disordered daughter, placed in asylum on an island in the Norwegian archipelago. The person in focus could be Munch himself leaving the asylum, or it could be the daughter running away from it.

I love the back of it with the enamel.

I decided to use it with some Trollbeads that were similar in colouring to the painting.

Also new to me from Lundd Denmark are the Mars bead, Rune Beads ‘Love’ and Battle Axe, all on the Lundd Leather Bracelet.

What’s really nice about the Battle Axe is how the silver has been made to look old. If you zoom in on these photos you can see the teeny rough marks. Without the VAT it’s $36.99 USD.

A powerful hatchet, also known as a battle axe. Replica of a hatchet discovered at Vedbækfundene. Silver was not used during the Stone Age, but we have done our best to find the material to showcase the rustic structure of the stone.

The Rune Beads ‘Love’ are a favourite of mine, as I love the openwork style. They are only $31.99 USD without the VAT.

Runes were developed early in the Viking Age. They were not meant to tell long stories, but rather to document facts. Around the year 1200, runes began to be replaced by the Latin alphabet we still use today.

Lastly is the adorable Mars bead. Paula did a blog post on it with a Le Petit Prince inspired bracelet a while ago. I went with a sightseeing in outer space theme for this bracelet. The Mars bead is $37.99 USD without the VAT.

From nowhere to the universe”

A tribute to the courageous persons daring more than most and seeking new bounderies.
Both in poetry and real life.

Here exemplified by the first Baobab-tree fra Mozambique (the craddle of mankind) planted on Mars – the planet.

I think all of these beads represent a very good value and they are really nicely made. Trust me, I’m not taking on too many beads to feature here any more so I have to honestly like them to do a blog post on them. The Scream bead is a really exciting addition to the bead world and I appreciate how Henrik got permission from the proper channels. I know my friend Trisha loves art and regularly visits art museums wherever she travels and this will make a wonderful addition to her collection. (As you can see I have two, so lucky her!) On a personal note, I can see using The Scream bead on rainy days when we know we will be having indoor recesses all day long at school. That will be me making that face! It will be interesting to see what the next bead in the Art Line series will be!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.