I have some beads from the recent Elfbeads Mother’s Day 2019 Collection and have really been enjoying making different combos with them. Something that is new and interesting are the beads that are made of brass and plated with 18k gold. At $31 USD, they are a really good value and add a pop of brightness. What’s great for me is that they match up well with the Trollbeads Twisted Gold Plated Bangle, so they incorporate really easily into my collection. The Sunflower Barrel is in the middle and the other gold plated bead is Inner Star.

Here’s a better view of Inner Star. My favourite little student who loves beads was really fawning over this one on Friday!

The glass beads that I selected are super pretty. The Soft Love Dewdrops ($31 USD) is so gorgeous. I love the way the light hits the drops so you can see the glowing yellow and lavender colours.

Take a look at Mystic Tripetual ($31 USD) and how the colour matches the Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz. I feel like I rarely gush like this, but this is absolutely bead heaven for me.

On the right in the picture below is another new bead called Pink Peony.

This glass bead is called Nebula Twilight ($36 USD).

I think it looks really good with a bit of blue!

The centre bead is one of the sweet Elfbeads Flowerstones called Sea Turtle. The blue beads are Trollbeads Denim Prisms.

The two outer beads on the bangles below are called Wish Blush Pure.

Here’s a video of the beads in the sun.

Lastly, I made up a large bracelet to show how the finish of the gold plating looks in relation to Pandora Shine (18k plating over silver) and the Redbalifrog brass pieces. I think they mix nicely together.

Here’s a video of the bracelet.

Below left to right are Elfbeads Dewdrops, Wish Blush Pure, Nebula Twilight, Sunflower Barrel, Soft Love Dewdrops, the Redbalifrog Empty Brass Spacer and Elfbeads Pink Peony.

Below left to right are the Redbalifrog Honey Pot, Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz, Elfbeads Inner Star, Nebula Twilight, Everstar, Mystic Tripetual and Waver.

Below left to right are the Elfbeads Cotton Candy Flowerstone, Pandora Shine Heart & Bee Charm, Elfbeads Wish Blush Pure, Knotling and the Redbalifrog Brass Moon Face Lock.

Well, that’s it for today! As you can tell I absolutely love these pink and gold beads. Do check out the rest of the collection and let me know what you think! If some pieces are sold out, check out the different retailers here, as someone is bound to have them.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.