I got so excited taking some macro shots of some Elfbeads that came in the mail today that I thought I’d put together a short blog post. It’s probably fair obvious that I love glass. I like the way it surprises me when I look up close and I like the way it changes in the light. After I made up this bracelet I started to take a closer look at the beads.

First off, the two dichroic True Beadz are Treasures and not for sale anywhere that I know of, sorry. The two True Touch Dragon Green ones are in the current collection though and the website is back open for business! What pulls this bracelet together though is the focal Elfbead, called Aura Feather World. Wow! Clearly it needs to be put with some purple beads!

Next to the True Touch Dragon Green Beads are two Ocean Storm Monroe Beads. I love the depth to them. It would be so fun to see these in an actual ocean.

At either end of the bracelets are two Ocean Scales. I like how you can see the scales from the side.

Not on the bracelet, but new to me is the Ocean Metal Bead.

Also new to me is the Ocean Galaxy Universe.

Lastly, I got a new blue plastic IKEA bowl and thought it would be perfect for a water themed bracelet. The silver focal bead is called Baroque Barrel. I am absolutely in awe of these beads.

Here’s a little video of my first bracelet in the sun. If you turn the sound up, you can hear the sweet little birds in my backyard.

I hope you enjoyed this look at these beautiful beads. Tune in tomorrow when live images can be shown of the Trollbeads Summer Collection and again on Tuesday for a preview of another collaboration with OHM, a bead called Orchid Rain.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples. All Elfbeads were provided by…Elfbeads!