I hope everyone is having a nice summer! I’ve been having fun doing not much at all, but strayed from my do-nothing days to take some pictures of some wonderful new beads. πŸ˜€ Elfbeads has come out with 25 new beads and I have samples of 8 of them to show you today. You can find the rest of them right on the Elfbeads website. It’s hard to choose a favourite as each one is just lovely. This Blush Summer Blossom ($31 USD/ €28) really caught my eye on Facebook and it did not disappoint in person. The soft, creamy colours are simply delicious looking!

This bangle below uses a couple of the Flowerstone beads, which I think have been quite popular. Below left to right are Blush Summer Blossom, Sweet Flowerstone, Inner Star BGP (Brass Gold Plated), Cotton Candy Flowerstone and Blush Summer Blossom.

Another gorgeous new bead in the pink family is the Pink Tripetual ($31 USD/ €28).

I put all of them on a yellow and pink Trollbeads leather bracelet and quite liked this look.

Here’s a bangle combo using the new pink beads. The bottom barrel is one I’m particularly enjoying these days as I love the scrollwork on it. It’s called Baroque Barrel and the golden one is called Sunflower Barrel GPB.

This next one really has the retro vibe going on. It’s called Flower Power Peacock ($31 USD/ €28). I can hear the theme song for The Partridge Family tv show when I look at this one.

I tried it with a pale pink bead in the middle for a simple summer bangle. I’m afraid I have no idea what the pink bead is called as I’ve had it for years. If someone wants to let me know the name, please do!

For a different kind of look I tried putting these beads together with some Trollbeads. It’s quite a funky look and I’m not too sure about it.

Moving on to a purple toned bead, check out this Purple Peony bead ($31 USD/ €28).

I think it looks smashing with the Forget-Me-Not Flowerstone.

This next one is called Aqua Stone Tangle ($31 USD/ €28). It makes me think of the warm ocean.

I think it looks great with the retro looking Revival Anaconda ($31 USD/ €28).

This bead is called Sea Golddust Monroe ($41 USD/ €37) and I think it looks gorgeous up close.

The last new bead I have is called Dream Stardust Fractual ($36 USD/ €33) and it looks great on my car! Very matchy matchy!

Here are the blue toned beads all together, outside…

…and then inside.

Lastly, I put together a lot of pink beads and love how this looks in the sun!

That’s it for today (although I might continue to add photos of combos using these beads). Please let me know if you like any of these beads and do check out the rest on the Elfbeads website. I continue to be impressed with how these beads look in person and the price point is very reasonable, in my opinion.

Disclosure: For this blog post I may receive some items as promotional samples.