On YouTube someone asked if I could show my entire collection a while ago. I don’t feel that YouTube is my thing, so thought I could post it here instead. Recently I bought several OHM storage trays and now have things arranged pretty much the way I want them, which is by brand. The fabulous bead cube from Custom Woodworks Moscow got filled up long ago and there is a blog post on it here. There are a lot of beads, but do remember I have been collecting for over 7 years plus have been getting samples for over three years.

Let’s dive in with the cube! On it I currently keep True Beadz and Trollbeads. Each time I’ll show a photo first and then discuss the beads.

This is the top of the cube and on it I keep a lot of the red and orange toned beads. The second row from the top has some of the original True Beadz Treasures-special beads that were made for events. The third row has a few gorgeous dichroic glass beads. The bottom row on the right has the wooden beads that were made by Karen Avakov who made the spinning bead cube!

This side of the cube shows the classic True Beadz in mostly solid colours. I went a bit overboard buying True Touch Marmors and while they aren’t grouped together I do see four on the top row. Third row down has some Stormy Heavens beads that are another favourite of mine. The blues and greens are so fresh looking. If you hit the True Beadz tag on my blog there are 98 blog posts showing them in different combinations.

This side of the cube is actually usually full but I had to take some unreleased True Beadz off! The purple colour second row from the bottom on the left is called True Opal Lilac and is coming out mid-August. It’s so pretty! The top row on the left is my little collection of Trollbeads Azure Bubbles. It is such a lovely bead and I bought most of these off of Blooming Boutique’s website as they have good live images for their daily bead parties. The last bead on the right, second row down is the special Nordic Twilight that was brought out for the Scandinavian countries. I’m not sure why I only have part of the Rocky Beach Kit here. 🤔That fourth row is really poorly arranged.

Ah…now for the purple beads! These top two rows of Trollbeads get used a LOT. The second row has my beloved Sea Anemones. You can see they are paired up according to the colour of glass. The pale ones are exquisite, to my eyes. The bottom row has beads that are special to me. The Kimono Kit was a gift from Star Bijou. One of the Pokémon beads was a gift from TrollbeadsUSA and the other was given to me by a Trollbeads store in the States when I went shopping with my friends a couple of years ago. I like it when beads have a special meaning!

The top three rows here hold beads that I also use quite frequently as I love Trollbeads gemstones and prisms. The third row from the bottom has one of my favourite Trollbeads releases, from the fall of 2017. I need to start using them more as we move closer to autumn. I know yellow beads are never very popular, but I really like them, especially with white or purple. The bottom row on the right also hold such nice memories, as I bought the Weaver Girl bead in Vietnam last summer and the unique second from the right I bought in Singapore. Hey, there are the missing two beads from the Rocky Beach Kit on the right of the fifth row. No idea how they got there. 🤔

This is a small Trollbeads box where I keep recent releases, some rings and small beads and pearls that I use quite frequently. Really, this would make a perfect set for taking away on a trip. So many combinations could be make just from beads in this box. I keep miscellaneous Trollbeads, all my stoppers, locks and bracelets in a white Trollbeads box while leather bracelets are in a drawer. These next two boxes are quite full of useful goodies though.

I adore these small Trollbeads silvers, especially the abstract ones. Anything Kim Buck designs I tend to swoon over as I like his timeless style.

These are newer beads consisting of mixed metals from Elfbeads, Corner 35 and Ilkobeads. With warmer weather I’ve been enjoying just wearing the bottom bracelets with 3 balls on them.

This is an older anti-tarnish Pandora box that holds my silver True Beadz collection. The rose in the upper left hand corner is one of my favourites, as is the Stronghold bead fifth from the left on the top row. On the far right are some miscellaneous silver beads, including a Canadian Inukshuk from a now defunct company.

Here are my Pandora and X Jewellery bracelets. I have some loose Pandora charms that I need to do something with but these bracelets are either finished or I’m working on them. It drives me nuts to screw the beads around the threads of the bracelets, so I try not to take them apart. As you can see these are mostly older, classic Pandora charms. The X Links are a lot of fun but I also like to keep them together and then every now and then I like to rearrange them. For the past few years they’ve had incredible Black Friday sales, but I get hit with heavy import fees, so probably won’t indulge this year. The bright yellow colour is so fun for summer!

We are now down to the last four Ohm storage trays. This one I’ve been using as an overflow area for Trollbeads and True Beadz. It also has the Trollbeads Christmas glass beads. I keep Easter, Christmas and Hallowe’en silver beads in small Pandora boxes.

This tray holds many brands and is quite fun to look at closely. The top row holds Beauty Beads from Perlen, a couple of Soleil Beads, Spiritbeads gemstones, Chamilia, a Mr. Bead wood bead and some Sticks & Stones beads. The second row holds Melanie Moertel glass beads, more Sticks & Stones and Redbalifrog lava and turquoise beads. The third row down has some Glass Bon Bon, Elsie’s Beads from Anne Gautier’s shop, Chamilia, Fenton and Summersday beads. There are three rows of Redbalifrog silver with my favourite being the fabulous Frangipanis Forever beads, fourth row down, on the right. I also use the Rope silver beads all the time, but they are long retired. At the bottom are Lundd beads and the Lundd leather bracelet.

This vibrant orange tray holds miscellaneous Pandora Muranos. The top four on the left are probably my favourites. The row in the middle is kind of funny as it has a Spiritbead, a Chamilia bead and another Spiritbead. The bottom two rows hold my expanding Elfbeads collection. Those Flowerstones really made a splash, I think and they are so sweet. The bottom section is an unfortunate jumble of Spiritbeads that needs to be neatened up. I need to rearrange this tray in order to put the silver beads on the rods, so they are easier to see. The little Kokeshi dolls are so darling!

Lastly, here is my OHM tray which is jam packed. There are 3 glass beads on their way in the mail and I’m not sure where I’ll put them. My favourites here are the two Purple Haze beads, bottom left, second and third beads in. Also, any of the cube shaped beads are my favourites and I hope Ohm makes more of them. For the silver beads, the Luna top right is one of my go to beads, especially for any space themed bracelets.

I believe that is it and I do hope you enjoyed this look at my collection. I think it’s actually  a fairly curated collection, as I am trying to slow down with the samples (blog posts take several hours to do) and I have given quite a few beads away. I will not be getting full collections of Trollbeads anymore as they can be massive and I don’t have time during the school year to properly showcase and use them all. This year I will be teaching kindergarten and will have to slow down on the beads thing even more. As I mentioned on Instagram I always love to peek in people’s bead boxes and am forever zooming in to look when someone posts a picture with a bead box in the background! Hopefully this is a fun peek for you too!