Today I have a few Ogerbeads to show and I really like how easily they fit into my existing bead collection. Evelien Pauw in the Netherlands is a lampwork artist who makes the glass beads and she has started to add silver beads to her shop also. What really caught my eye on social media and blogs is the super pretty Pearls of the Sea.

It has a universal core so will fit on Pandora bracelets, as shown here. There are 5 freshwater pearls. It gives the bracelet such an elegant look!

It looks great with other pearls and small silvers on this Trollbeads bangle.

I chose 4 glass beads from the Ocean Collection and was really pleased when I saw them in person. They are on the small side, which seems to be a trend these days. As such, they fit in beautifully with Trollbeads and Elfbeads. This faceted Maldives Fragments is absolutely stunning. I call this my ‘beads n’ herbs’ photo as the bead is on some chives.

There are individual photos on the Ogerbeads website and it says there is a Buy 5 Get 1 Free promotion. If you live outside the EU then the traditional 21% will be taken off during checkout.

The Coral Fragments bead is vivid shades of pink and orange, which I love!

When I put it on this red flower it almost blended right in.

Let’s take a look at the similarly coloured Scarlet Ribbons with Coral Fragments and a Trollbeads Red and Lavender Armadillo in the middle.

The other green bead I chose is called Mermaid Teal.

The two green beads look fabulous with a Trollbeads Emerald and two Round Adventurines.

Here they are in different light.

I put all 5 Ogerbeads on a bangle for a cheerful look.

Adding in some Trollbeads I was able to make a complete bracelet.

That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this look at some delightful beads. I really like how well they blend in with my collection, as I mentioned before. There are certainly a lot of choices these days in the bead world and it sometimes seems overwhelming. I’ll be keeping an eye out for Evelien’s next collection as I am really impressed with these beads.

Disclosure: These beads were provided as samples from Ogerbeads.