Today I’ve got a short blog post to showcase some new Elfbeads I just received and to talk about Elfpetites, which are new to me. The Fresh Fall Collection has some beautifully coloured beads that are reminiscent of the Flowerstones from last spring, as well as some fantastic silver dangles. They are a size that would work well on a bracelet if you like dangles on your wrist, but I’ve been wearing them on a long silver chain as a necklace. Here are a couple of the dangles below, with Open Starworld Dangle LE on the left and my favourite, the Baroque Dangle LE on the right.

The Sweet Tripetual LE bead is super pretty in the morning sunlight.

Here’s a selection of the new beads and I really like how the blues and purples look together. All the names and prices are on the website here. I placed an order the other night and found it worked well with the discount code. Because I spent a certain amount and live outside of the EU there were actually two discounts.

As my hostas are in their last blooms I thought I’d take advantage of the pretty purple colour and add in my favourite True Beadz in the Touch Lilac shade. Our weather has been really dry lately so you can sort of see the yellow and brown leaves on the ground there. As much as I love the sun we really could use a downpour.

Ok, now for the Elfpetites! Now that Essence has been discontinued, I think there might be some interest in seeing what one could add to an existing collection to freshen it up. Do check out the Elfpetites here to see the new ones. Elfpetites do not have silicone on the inside so you do need the stoppers if you don’t want the beads sliding around.

There are lots of the Elfbeads Brass Gold Plated pieces and my favourite is the Eternity Petite BGP. This piece fits on tbe Trollbeads Heart Bangle but in general Elfpetites do not fit on Trollbeads bracelets. There are two styles of Elfpetite bracelets and then the beads will definitely fit on Pandora Essence.

I wore this combo this last week and loved it!

The beads on the Elfpetite Bracelet above and below are called Raspberry Fractual, Sunflowers Petite BGP and Blush World Petite Dewdrops.

The Sea World Monroe Fractal Petite is so gorgeous.

Galaxy Sea Dewdrops World Petite is quite stunning in the sun.

Here’s a look at the Diamond Bracelet Elfpetite. There is also a version with an unadorned clasp.

The new Brass Gold Plated pieces are very striking. Check out the Frog Prince Petite and the detailing. Above it and then going round are Stars, Sunflowers, Everstar, Roses, Eternity and Bohemian in the middle.

That’s all the photos for today. If anyone has any questions about Elfpetites just ask and do let me know if this is a line you have already invested in. I have purchased a few more pieces and will post a picture or two down below when they come in. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Disclosure: For this blog post I received samples from