Right now there’s a Trollbeads bracelet deal and it’s a really good price. For $139 USD, you get the sterling silver chain, Bow Lock, Denim Prism, silver Kaleidoscope Bead plus a choice of a glass bead from the Magic Winter Kit from 2014. Back then this kit was not in my budget but I always thought it was so beautiful. I chose the glass bead that has glitter in it and was not disappointed.

I really like the Bow Lock as it’s a tad chunky. The Kaleidoscope Bead makes a great divider. Here’s what it looks like from the side.

The glass bead matches so well with the Hong Kong Skyline beads.

With the addition of the Denim Prism Bead I now have three so wanted to try a full bracelet with my beloved Sea Anemones.

I really like this combo. Looking from the left, the silver bead fifth in is called the Friendship Knot Bead.

The glass bead that is a mix of blues and pinks is called Moonlight Bubbles. Beside it on the right is the Come Together Bead. I really like how we can search beads by designer on the Trollbeads website. I had no idea what this bead was called but thought I remembered it was designed by Kim Buck, so it was easy to look up that way.

Anyway, this Winter Magic Bracelet is a good deal if you like all the components. I really like blue for the winter, although today was actually a rainy day. The bracelet is meant for the regions that Trollbeads USA handles, which include America, Canada, Latin America and Australia. It’s getting so close to Christmas so maybe everyone’s shopping is already done, but this would also make a nice present for oneself.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are heading into 2020. It seems so futuristic!

Disclosure: As always, this sample was provided by Trollbeads USA.