This blog post contains product samples from Elfbeads.

Today I have some beads from the new Elfbeads Horizon Collection. I think the Flower Power Seahorse is the star of the show, but some of the other beads are also very striking. I adore the little flower on the snout and tail of the Seahorse. The glass beads on either side of it are called Ocean Galaxy Flower Monroe.

The Ocean Bubbles Frost, below middle, is aptly named! I really like how the frosted glass gives almost a soft look, even though it’s obviously a hard material. To me, it looks like the bubbles are actually floating away. The flower beads at either end are called Forget-Me-Not Starpond and the other ones are called Ocean Metal.

There is a new set of five beads, called Ocean Breeze Set Deal LE, priced at $61 USD, which is quite the bargain. I’m very impressed with the quality of these beads and would not hesitate to recommend them. The jewel tones are really striking. Yesterday I got a few messages from people asking if the colours really are as deep as they look online in the shops and I have to say, yes, they are!

Look how the deep indigo one goes with the Royal Dutch Dandelion beads. I think that might be white dichroic glass at the core, which gives a slight sparkle, but I’m not a glass maker so can’t be sure about that! The middle silver bead is called Cicade.

The Cicade is also used as a focal point below with the Glitter Sky Stars beads. This picture was for #beadsnmasks week that some bead friends are doing on Instagram. We are trying to match our beads to our masks. My friend Trisha and I are going to send a couple of goodie bags to random participants, so please join in with the fun!

If you want to read more about it and see some people’s wonderful combinations, then please head over to April’s blog post.

I also used the Royal Dutch Dandelion beads in this bangle below. The two silver beads are some of my favourite Elfbeads, called Potflower.

Now turning to some pink/purple beads, the frosted look is also used for the light hued Pure Violet Extant Frost beads at either end, as well as the Sunset Extant Frost beads. Again, I think there might be a bit of dichroic glass at the core, because take a look at the glimmer underneath the frosted exterior.

This is my favourite bracelet below. 😍

The pink beads at the back of the photo above are called Crocus Flower Monroe. Here is one at the front of the bracelet below.

I made up a pink bracelet using the bumpy silver beads called Dewdrops. I can never remember names of beads and the Elfbeads website has a Museum section here, so you can look up retired beads. I noticed a lot of the sweet Flowerstone beads are now sold out and retired. I’m thinking that maybe Elfbeads are like LEGO in that if you see something you want, you need to buy it fairly soon, otherwise it will disappear. (I should have bought that LEGO Disney Castle when it came out, because now it’s out of stock.) Anyway, it’s interesting how all bead brands keep pieces around for different lengths of time.

So, any thoughts on these beads? The seahorse is so perfect for the summertime. And I really like all the frosted glass, partly because it looks like sea glass. If you want the Ocean Breeze Set Deal LE, don’t wait too long! Thanks for reading. Next up will be True Beadz at the end of the week.