This blog post contains product samples as well as purchased items.

Moress Charms paired up with illustrator Lili Tae to create some delightful charms. I have a few of them today and am very impressed with them! If you aren’t familiar with Moress, they are a company based in Thailand. This Faunas of the Fall collection is really cohesive and beautifully themed. There are 13 charms and these three really caught my attention.

I think my favourite one has to be sweet little Dewie. I adore the way her eyes are closed on the one side. She has such a serene look on her face. These beads are quite reasonably priced at around $32-$35 USD each.

A loving fairy that carries rain drops in her buds. She floats around the forest sharing the droplets with any who passes by.

The lovely Ms. Pumpkin is perfect for at this time of year.

Her vines extend across the forest floor gently wrapping around those who seek her warm embrace and protection through the cold winter nights.

Here we have little Atlas, a pine cone fairy. This bead is very interesting in that the tiny butterfly can hang down loose, or attach to the pine cone. The butterfly is magnetic, according the the description on the Moress website. How brilliant!

The lonely pine cone fairy rolls around the forest floor emitting an aroma so sweet that no butterfly can resist. Kaleidoscopes of butterflies dance around keeping the pine cone fairy company during the cold winter.

Here are some pictures of the artwork by the artist Lili Tae. The scarf is also available to buy and you can see it here.

So, please let me know what you think of these charms! I think the price point and quality are excellent and I can’t wait to wear them to school to show the little ones.