Congratulations to Alinemoreira75! You are the winner! Thanks so much for entering everyone! It was so interesting to read about what everyone collects!!!

Happy Monday! Today, I am hosting a giveaway by Ohm Beads for 5,555 OHMbucks! This will be open for about 24 hours.

Recently, I made up a permanent OHM bracelet. It’s fairly neutral looking and will be easy to grab and go. It uses some of the recently released glass beads that I wrote about here. If you’re ever interested in reading about older beads, hit the Ohm Beads tag on my blog and 181 blog posts will come up.

This funny little Hungry Hippo was one of my earlier beads and he has the funniest face.

This NOLA bead was a fabulous gift at the ohmazing OHM10 celebration weekend in New Orleans a few years ago.

This telephone called Land Line is a gorgeous piece.

Check out the details on this Typewriter.

Ok, to enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling us about what you like to collect, other than beads! Obviously all of us here are bead collectors, but what else do you like to collect? I like to collect makeup, particularly the brand called ColourPop. What about you?