I’ve had some time this summer to reorganize my beads, so I thought I’d take some pictures because it’s so much fun to see other people’s collections! Whenever someone posts parts of their collection on Instagram, I always pinch and zoom to take a look to see what they have, how they have organized the beads and what kind of storage system they use. With my new True Beadz boxes having arrived this spring, it was a perfect opportunity to do a bit of paring down and organizing the beads so that they are easy to find. Some of these pictures won’t be that much different from my 2019 bead collection post and I didn’t bother taking pictures of my Pandora or X Jewellery collections because they really haven’t changed very much.

Let’s start with True Beadz. This giant Purple Dreams, Castle size box is absolutely marvellous, and for now I’m keeping miscellaneous glass beads and silver beads in it.

The Midnight, Village size box is for dangles and Blossoms. The cute little snowman with the blue nose remains a favourite. It has such an adorable expression and just looks so happy.

This Baby Blue box holds dichroic glass and Touch beads. It was the Touch beads that initially drew me to True Beadz due to the different looking texture.

The Princess Kiss box holds wood beads, Air beads (retired) and Opal beads. They really look like candy!

The Purple Dreams box is perhaps my current favourite, as it holds my Lace and Taste beads, as well as some event beads. (Remember bead events? I don’t think I’ve been to one for two years now.) The Taste beads are just so fresh and delicious looking.

*Edited* The box I ordered actually arrived today, so I filled it up with CZs, Flakes and random lovelies. 😳🙂

Moving on to other brands, these are kept in OHM More Beads Less Play Trays. I love how they keep beads nice and neat. Glass in particular looks fantastic on these. Here’s my glass Ohm Beads collection. It was really fun to organize these by colour and type.

On the green tray, I put Ohm silver beads and then the bottom row has Moress beads.

This tray holds a mix of Redbalifrog, Aurora Charms and artisan beads.

The next tray also holds quite a mix, with Sticks and Stones beads, Argo Studios, Trollbeads, silver Elfbeads, Chronicles Amber and Ilko Beads.

The last of the Ohm trays holds silver Spiritbeads, wayward Pandora beads and glass Elfbeads. In general, I keep Pandora bracelets made up, so these are homeless beads that I’m not sure what to do with. I don’t want to give them away or sell them, so here they sit.

Now let’s take a look at some other storage options. I keep my rings, select stoppers and Trollbeads silvers in a lucite box that was given to me as a gift. These are the drawers that pull out and I find them very handy.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the best invention ever-the spinning beads cube. Now that my True Beadz are in their special boxes, this is where the glass Trollbeads are staying. The top has newer beads. These diamond beads are not new, but I had them on this rod with the upcoming Shades of Sparkle beads (which look fantastic with these diamond beads-blog post on Friday).

I like to group the gemstones together, as seen on the top couple of rows.

There’s no real theme to this grouping below. In fact, it’s pretty poorly organized now that I am taking a good look at it.

The top row down below has some of my all time favourite Trollbeads. I just love the buttery yellows, in amber and in glass.

Lastly, there is lots of purply goodness on this side of the bead cube.

Okay, that’s the end of the bead extravaganza! I thought I’d end off with a couple of pictures of some recent favourites, like the fantastic Spiritbeads Octopus.

I am also drooling over the Trollbeads Egyptian Stripe bead.

Please let me know if there’s any bead you’d like the name of and I can try to help. Hope you enjoyed a peek into my reorganized collection and many thanks to the various bead brands for providing samples over the years. Come back on Friday for the Trollbeads Shades of Sparkles collection!