Pandora Camel and Travel Bracelet

I really only have one bracelet that I never take apart and that’s my silver Pandora travel bracelet. It’s pretty old, so I don’t have any of the newer travel related charms on it. The centrepiece of this bracelet for me is the camel. I have been on lots of camel rides, the most memorable one being during a sandstorm in Tunisia where the original Star Wars movie was filmed. 

 The top two photos are in Egypt, bottom left is in Jordan and bottom right is Tunisia. 

Here is the Pandora camel bead by itself. 

In the next photo I have the little bird for bird watching in India, Buddha for Korea and Japan and the elephant, again for India. 

Below I’ve put the lucky money bag for China, the little elf holding a flower for when my son once picked some ‘flowers’ (dandelions) for me while camping and the seashell for Myrtle Beach, USA. 

Lastly, here is the Pandora  Viking for when we went to Newfoundland.  I’d love to hear about any travel related charms you have! 



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