Ohm Beads Coffee Collection

The Ohm Beads Coffee Collection ($95 USD/$120 CAN) is the July Bead of the Month and consists of two silver beads in a limited edition set. With one take away cup and one coffee mug, it’s a cute little set for coffee lovers. It comes packaged in a little paper take out cup.  The detail on the take away cup is wonderful. I like the realistic looking lid and the little boxes where one can check off what the drinkRead more

Ohm Beads Panorama

The Ohm Beads Panorama is a collection of silver beads with 360 degree skylines. They are something quite different to the bead scene and work on a ball necklace and bracelets as well. The cities represented are New York, London, Taipei, Sydney, Rome, Seattle, Amsterdam and Bangkok. They cost $85 USD/$105 CAN each. They are meant to be worn with a barrel shaped glass bead. Other beads will fit but I didn’t even bother take any photos with them, asRead more

The Feelings by Ohm Beads

A joint venture between Taylored Curiosities and Ohm Beads, The Feelings are little monster emotions that can help people get through difficult times. I received the set along with a lavender scented Worry plush. It smells lovely! Here is the description on the back of the box.  The silver beads ($40 USD each/$50 CAN each or $160 USD/$200 CAN for the Limited Edition set as pictured) came packaged with a cord that can be used as a bracelet if youRead more

Ohm Beads Green Crack

Green Crack by Ohm Beads ($40 USD/$50 CAN) was partly inspired (I think!) by the gorgeous forests of the Pacific Northwest. This is Cathedral Grove on Vancouver Island in Canada, so a bit north of where the Ohmies live.  The bead is the barrel shape and even thought it looks broken, you don’t have to worry about it. There is a fine layer of glass, I believe, over the cracks so nothing gets caught. It’s a really cool effect. TheRead more

Aunt Gnome and the Gnome Home

Mr. Gnome finally has a proper home! And his Aunt has also moved in! The Gnome Home retails for $70 USD/$90 CAN and is very sweet.  I like the detail on the top, so that we know it’s a tree stump.  Aunt Gnome costs $45 USD/$55 CAN. The little bow on the back is just adorable.  Her face is…well, let’s just say we all work with what we have and it’s what inside that counts. 😀 The cutest part isRead more

Ohm Beads UFO and Rainbowed

Today’s blog post is a sky themed one with the new UFO and Rainbowed beads from Ohm Beads. The UFO ($70 USD/$90 CAN) is so awesome with lots of detail. I love the little cracks and patches and how the hole goes through diagonally. On the bottom is some lovely detail. I really like beads like this that have lots to look at from every angle. Rainbowed ($40 USD/$50 CAN) has a little patch of cloud, which you can seeRead more

Ohm Beads Giveaway

*The contest has closed and the random number generator has picked Lizzy as the winner! Please send me an email-it’s on the right hand side of the page. Thanks for entering everyone and I loved reading about all the wonder festivals around the world! Next week on my blog will be the True Beadz Dragon Shadow collection on Tuesday and the Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz on Thursday. Have a great weekend!* To help celebrate the 2nd Annual OHM Gnome Festival,Read more

Ohm Beads Strawberry, Butterflies and Picnic Basket

Now that it’s spring we Canadians are starting to think about warmer weather and spending more time outside. The Ohm Beads Strawberry bead is particularly perfect and the Butterflies and Picnic Basket are going to be so wonderful for the summertime. Let’s start with the glass Strawberry bead, as glass is what got me starting to collect Ohm Beads in the first place. It’s a Limited Edition and retails for $35 USD/ $45 CAN. I love how it’s a trueRead more

Ohm Beads Trees and Flowers

Ohm Beads came out with a limited edition glass bead called Trees ($35 USD/ $45 CAN) and three silver floral beads ($45 USD/ $55 CAN) that were added to the regular collection. The Trees glass bead is in their iconic barrel shape and is such a fresh shade of green. The first colour I always think to put with green is purple and it did not dissappoint. The beads on either end are Purple Haze and in the middle isRead more

Ohm Beads Woodstock

Ohm Beads is coming out with a delightful collection on March 1 called Woodstock, named after the famous music festival that took place in 1969. I was three years old then, so don’t remember it, but I like a lot of the groups that played there, like The Who. Today I’ve got photos of several items, including  the main bead called Woodstock, which is a Limited Edition at 1969 beads being made. It’s $95 USD/ $120 CAN. The bead isRead more