Bead samples were provided by Ohm Beads.

Today I have a selection of pieces that are part of a large Ohm Beads release. I think my favourite thing that is out today is the Dragonfly Lock paired with a new Chain Bracelet. It makes a delightful, lightweight bracelet that is perfect for spring and summer. You can put a few beads on, but I intend to wear it by itself. The sizing is similar to Trollbeads bracelets, in that you need to consider the length of the lock. Count on about 3 cm being taken up for the lock size.

There are three new Slim Glass colours, as shown above. They are so juicy looking and match up with previously released regular sized beads. The colours are called Orange, Dustberry and Lime.

I tried the Dustberry and Lime colours with Lilac Rain and thought they matched well.

But ultimately I went with Dustberry and Lime together with the silver Mandala bead. I really like this combo the best.

The colours match my daffodils that are starting to come up! We are quite behind with spring here in Canada. We’re also behind with vaccinations, but that’s another story. 🙄

There are a couple of very cute silver character beads that caught my attention. The first one is called Hungry Hippo and I love the details of the knife and fork.

Here’s the back of it.

The other character bead I thought was cute is called Panda Snack. Again, the details are really nice and I like the logo on the back.

I put the two of them with a new hot pink glass bead called Work Hard.

The glass beads on the outer parts of the bangle are called Orchid Rain. It’s still available! 😀

Lastly, there are three gorgeous glass beads that really caught my eye. This one called Delicate Flower is so beautiful, but I had a hard time capturing its beauty. It has an ephemeral quality to it. It’s like it’s an impression of a flower, not an actual flower. Perhaps a memory of a flower. I love it, in any case.

Speak Softly has a stunning overlay of teal glass.

When looking at it straight on, it almost appears to be black.

Big Stick is also really beautiful.

I used these beads together in a large bracelet and tried to incorporate other beads in this colour range that were in my collection. Did you see that you can do custom orders of four letter words now, in the cube style like the LIVE and NOLA beads below? What a great idea!

So, that’s it for now. Check out the whole April release at as there are many more pieces. OHM will be having a month of giveaways starting today. They will be in various places on Instagram and Facebook. I’ll be hosting one here later this month. Do let me know if you are getting any of these new releases from OHM!