Pandora Disney Muranos

Disney World is pretty much always on my mind and I thought I’d do a short blog post on the Pandora Disney Muranos, as I know it’s very exciting for people overseas to be getting the Disney beads in the fall. Hopefully you get the Muranos as I think they are so pretty. I have heard the date October 5th for the UK. Some people have used personal shoppers to pick up some beads, but nothing beats seeing something inRead more

Trollbeads Small Silvers

Bead collectors are always inspiring me and last week I wanted to try some combos using small silver beads after seeing a lovely bangle on @am4ndabeads15’s (Amanda) Instagram. She used the copper bangle and small silver beads and it just looked delightful. A while back I did a blog post on using Spacers to create different looks, like this one. For today’s looks I’m using four different finishes of the non-decorated Spacers (otherwise known as stoppers). I have silver, gold,Read more

Trollbeads Rose Quartz

I bought a couple of Rose Quartz beads ($63 USD) a while back and have really been enjoying them. I find they work well with peachy pink bracelets. Here, the Pink Prisms set the tone, but the light bouncing off them plays off of the facets of the Rose Quartzes. The Blossom Shade on the right pulls it all together, with its coppery glitter and pale pink at the core. The Rose Quartzes also blend in nicely with purples. OnRead more

Redbalifrog Green Man and Balinese Troll

The Redbalifrog Green Man ($44 USD) and Balinese Troll ($37 USD) are just perfect for any nature themed bracelet. The Green Man has such a serene look on his face.  Balinese Troll is quite mischievous looking and I really like the ring through his nose. With a little smirk on his face, I do wonder what he’s thinking.    On his back is the Om symbol. These two glass beads are True Beadz True Air Stormy Heavens and True DragonRead more

Redbalifrog Beach Time

I’m lucky enough to live just a 40 minute drive to a beach on Lake Erie in a little town called Port Stanley. We’ve been trying to go once a week, for a morning of beach time followed by lunch at Mackie’s, a restaurant that has been there since 1911 and is famous for its Orangeade.  I took along 3 Redbalifrog beads that while older ones, are new to me. They each cost $33 USD.  Turtle Dude has a cuteRead more

Spiritbeads Dragon Parts and Engravable Star Drum

Today I’ve got some more silver beads from Star Bijou. The engravable Star Drum (€58)  has some sweet stars along the rim. I chose the engraving ‘Make Music’ as music has always been an important part of my life. It’s allowed me to travel places, meet some wonderful people and it’s how I met my husband, when we were both members of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. The drum is especially meaningful to me as our eldest son is developmentally disabledRead more

Ohm Beads Coffee Collection

The Ohm Beads Coffee Collection ($95 USD/$120 CAN) is the July Bead of the Month and consists of two silver beads in a limited edition set. With one take away cup and one coffee mug, it’s a cute little set for coffee lovers. It comes packaged in a little paper take out cup.  The detail on the take away cup is wonderful. I like the realistic looking lid and the little boxes where one can check off what the drinkRead more

True Beadz True Dragons

The latest bead from True Beadz is the True Dragons, which is $200 USD. It’s quite heavy and has a lot of detail with two fantastic dragons, two True Beadz logos and lots of brick work. I thought and thought about what could be my inspiration for a bracelet, as I don’t watch Game of Thrones or read fantasy novels but remembered the steampunk dragon in the Walt Disney World Festival of Fantasy Parade that is based on the dragonRead more

Spiritbeads Kokeshi 2.0

Today is a short blog post to show the sweet little Kokeshi 2.0 from Spiritbeads at Star Bijou. The first Kokeshi doll has the hole going through her vertically, but the 2.0 hole goes through her horizontally. The bead costs €45. There is also the Limited Edition version with the cute hairdo, but I believe that sold out just a couple of days ago.  Here is a video of the 2.0 version.  ​​ The three Kokeshis gathered together for aRead more

Redbalifrog Frog Lock

The Redbalifrog Frog Lock ($75 USD) is quite a substantial piece. The two frogs each have such an alert look on their little faces. I’d even go as far as saying they look quite intelligent! I don’t know why frogs are so appealing, but whenever we see one when on a nature walk we always stop to have a look.  Here’s a video so all sides can be seen.  ​​ Here is the Frog Lock next to the Plain TrollbeadsRead more