Today I have some photos of a selection of beads from the Trollbeads Music & Theatre collection. Trollbeads has a new marketing scheme whereby they are no longer naming collections by season. Instead of calling the large release in January the spring collection, it has been divided into three collections: Music & Theatre, Hope & New Beginnings and Protection. I’ll do blog posts of the other two collections over the next two weekends. For me as a Canadian, it makes sense not to call the January release a spring collection, because January in Canada is nowhere even close to being spring! I also have some photos of the delightful Valentine’s Day bead called Love & Care Bead. Let’s start with Music & Theatre.

Bead samples are provided by

The main part of this collection is the faceted glass kit called Symphonies Kit, designed by Neetu Gupta.

Soothing sounds of pink, lilac and violet melodies will bring you a symphony of colours. Music has the power to bring you to a magical world and playing a sweet melody will help keep your worries away. In the new release from Trollbeads, you will find notes and tunes for any day. Spice up with colourful glass and remember that every moment has its own music.

Below, left to right, the beads are named Lilac Melody, Green Symphony, Pink Symphony, Violet Melody, Emerald Symphony and Pink Melody.

I thought the two pink ones and the two purple ones worked well together so added in my beloved Sea Anemone beads for a purple extravaganza.

I think that Pink Symphony is my favourite.

Violet Melody is such a rich colour.

Pink Melody is also very pretty.

I received three of the silver beads from the Music & Theatre collection and was especially happy to get the Theatre of Life bead (the mask) because I actually teach drama to grade one students. This bead shall forever be a nice reminder of that.

This bead and the Our Melody Bead (headphones on the heart) were designed by Louise Rimpler. Here’s the other side of the mask. I think the tragic side of the mask would make a great ‘Monday mood’ bead. The third silver bead I received is the Jester’s Hat Bead and it’s on the purple bracelet, third picture from the top. Designed by Søren Nielsen, it’s quite reminiscent of the Clarity Flower Bead.

The glass bead shown below, Green Symphony, has a pistachio green colour to it.

That’s all for Music & Theatre pictures, but let’s look at the Love & Care Bead. I absolutely adore it! Red and pink beads are some of my favourites and I’ve collected a few over the years. The Love & Care Bead has sweet ladybugs and hearts with a touch of sparkle.

Here’s my Valentines’ Day bracelet for this year.

Something I’m very curious about is what kinds of bracelets are people wearing these days. I really don’t wear full bracelets anymore, unless it’s my old Pandora ones that I keep together. And I don’t wear bangles much either, as half of my day is spent teaching outside (Kindergarten Outdoor Education) and I’m always afraid of losing it on a nature walk and not noticing. So lately I’ve been wearing just one bead on a Trollbeads chain with a couple of gold stoppers. It’s super comfortable and I enjoy admiring one bead at a time. This leads me to another thought- no one is interested in seeing that on Instagram, so I never post pictures of what I’m actually wearing. Many of the old timers from Instagram have stopped posting and I was saddened to see that Jahndra of the My Xpressions blog has recently deleted her account. If you are reading this and still like to see bead pictures, what kinds do you like to see? Are full bracelets your thing or are you mostly interested in seeing what the beads look like in real life as opposed to stock images? Do you still collect beads as in the past or are you slowing down? Is there anything from this collection that you really like? Is there a point to seeing the beads after they’ve already been released? All comments are welcome!