Silent, soft, and slow the first snowflakes are falling, making branches bend low and trails be like new canvas, ready for footsteps to create stories. Like a new beginning – a fresh start. Let’s make snow angels. Let’s build snowmen and snow huts. Create a snowball – and throw it!

People are made of stories. Some are defining and some are just for fun. Look out for the snow fairy … maybe even within yourself … and invite her out to play.

Welcome to the Let it Snow collection.

Every story has a bead.
The collection will be available online and in-stores November 4, 2022.

Bead samples are provided by

This collection is just perfect for where I live in Canada. We always have several months of snow and I was already able to scrape some frost off the windshield of my car for these photos. Snowflakes are just so pretty, and silver seems like a great medium for showing off their details. Last season Pandora made some snowflake beads but they had 5 points…seriously. Even my kindergarten students know snowflakes are all hexagonal in shape and these ones don’t disappoint. Søren Nielsen designed the snowflake beads and Mette Saabye designed the small bead with the hearts. The glass beads were designed by Neetu Gupta. Here you can see their relative sizes.

Let’s take a look at the beads more closely. I think the Snowball Bead ($72 USD), with the Mother of Pearl, will be a big hit. It almost has a soft, milky look to it.

The Together Bead ($50 USD), below right, is one of those small silvers that I really like to use in multiples on a bracelet. My bead spending has really slowed down lately, so I probably won’t buy more, but perhaps one day.

There are two new clasps, one of which I have to show you today. This one is called Stay Together ($72 USD) and it has lovely snowflakes all over it. One thing to note is that this clasp is flat, not twisted. It was made to be used with new necklaces (not pictured) but I tried it and it works fine on a bracelet. I’ll be using it a lot this winter as I find flat clasps to be most comfortable for working on a laptop at work.

Below, beside the Stay Together Clasp are the Snowflakes Bead ($50 USD) and Winter Clouds ($61 USD). Again, I can picture the small Snowflakes Bead in multiples. The Winter Clouds Bead has that delicious gingerbread look reminiscent of winter glass beads of past years.

There’s also a larger silver bead called Snow Kisses ($72 USD) and a silver spacer aptly named Snow Spacer ($50 USD). The two glass beads pictured below are called Season of Joy ($61 USD) and Warm Wishes ($61 USD).

Warm Wishes is absolutely stunning.

Season of Joy also has lots of shimmer.

Honestly, any one of these beads would be just perfect on a bangle or bracelet. Lately I’ve been wearing just one bead on a bracelet flanked by two gold plated spacers. It feels nice and secure for a workday and is so easy to style. (If you can call wearing one bead a style, ha ha ha.)

A larger piece for this collection is the Snow Fairy ($127 USD). Designed to put on a Fantasy Necklace, the fairy has the most beautiful snowflakes in its wings.

I put the Snowflake Fairy atop the Fantasy Necklace with Elf. My vision is that the Snowflake Fairy has arrived to change autumn into winter. I didn’t realize until it was too late that a bead or two will fit above the fairy’s knees. Take a look here on the website to see different ways it can be used. I like it on the bottom of a Fantasy Necklace with White Pearl!

Well, that’s it for today! Does this collection get you in the mood for winter and Christmas? I’d love to hear your thoughts!