Melanie Moertel Glass Beads

A while ago I did a blog post on the gorgeous Pureness necklace that I bought from the German glass artist, Melanie Moertel. She very kindly sent me some of her new glass beads and I was blown away by how beautiful they are! They can be found at her online store here. The three transparent ones are called ‘Underwater Armadillos’ and indeed they really look like water or watercolours.  The polka dotted one matches really well with the TrollbeadsRead more

Melanie Moertel Glass Jewelry 

I’ve long been an admirer of the German glass artist Melanie Moertel and finally bought one of her Pureness necklaces. I love it so much that I thought I’d share a few photos today. I ordered it from her Etsy store and it arrived really quickly. I ordered a Long Focal Bead Necklace from the ‘Pureness’ Collection (approximately $32 USD). It came on a satin cord that is 100cm, but you can easily make it shorter and then burn theRead more

Soleil Beads

On Instagram I have been noticing for a while some beautiful glass beads on @notsafeforlife’s page and finally asked her how to find them. Soleil Beads are made by Hillary Campfield in Wisconsin and each bead is a one of a kind. I bought one (and it wasn’t expensive at $20 US) and she kindly sent a couple more. They are a bit larger than other beads in my collection but fit in really well.  The top bead below isRead more