When Chronicles Amber offered to send a few of their pieces, I was very eager to see them. It’s quite incredible how they carve the pieces of amber from the inside and their silver pieces are also lovely. I have a blog post from last year here, where you can see some pieces up close. They have an Etsy store and I have also seen pieces for sale on the Moress website as well as at Perlen.

Bead samples were provided by Chronicles Amber.

The little Bunnies in Cabbage are so adorable.

The owl is an older bead, but shows the quality and detail of their silver pieces.

Check out the beautiful Dahlia spacer. This is a bead that is the traditional charm size and fits in easily with other brands. I used some of the round silver balls from Ilko Beads here, as I thought they helped the carved beads to really pop.

Another silver piece that Chronicles Amber sent is called Cherry Blossom. The silver wraps around so there is a small bud at one end. It can be seen on their Etsy Store here.

I’m really happy with this bracelet and how it has different textures. Trees and plants are beginning to grow where I live in Canada and I enjoy the organic look of these beads.

That’s it for today! I hope everyone is doing well, even if you are like us and coping with a third wave of the virus. More than ever, beads are bringing me small bursts of delight and I hope you enjoyed seeing these today. Feel free to leave a comment!