Perlen Beauty Beads with Minnie Mouse Murano

Just before Christmas, Perlen sent some new Beauty Beads and I was thrilled with what was inside the box. It was four beads with lots of lovely gold colouring. I had been at odds with what to do with my lonely Pandora Disney beads. Aside from a few of the princess Muranos I only have the Mickey Mouse dangle and a Minnie Mouse Murano. As soon as I saw the new Beauty Beads I knew exactly what I wanted to do.Read more

Mini Beauty Beads by Perlen

Today I’ve got some combos using the new Mini Beauty Beads from Perlen. A while back I did a blog post on the Beauty Beads and now they have come out with glass beads that are similar but smaller. These ones are more in line with the size of Trollbeads or Elfbeads. Here’s a size comparison.  They do blend together and here is the black leather Perlen Beauty String with one large one and four smaller ones.  The White UniverseRead more

Perlen Ambers

The Danish store Perlen has ten new amber beads in their Beauty Beads house brand in some interesting shapes and colours. The thing to know if you’ve never shopped at Perlen before is that the VAT might be taken off depending where you live.  So to see the lower prices (and they still carry Pandora-it’s where I bought most of my collection years ago) you have to make an account and log in. Here’s an example of what the price differenceRead more


Today I’ve got a sweet little Swans bead made by Elfbeads as a special edition for Perlen. As an oboe player, a swan means one thing, the ballet Swan Lake with music by Tchaikovsky, because there’s a beautiful oboe solo which I bet most of you would recognize. Years ago I had the privilege of playing a concert of ballet music while some of Canada’s top ballet dancers performed in front of the orchestra. During the oboe solo I wasRead more

My Precious by Ohm Beads

Ohm Beads has made a bead that is available exclusively at Perlen.  She is a sweet little elf who is looking intently at her bead and is called My Precious. I really like her pointy ears and the way her legs are folded up. She appears to be deep in thought as she looks at her bead.  Her hair is quite long with a good amount of texture.  The box has a lovely illustration.  Here is the description on theRead more

Perlen’s Beauty Beads, Part Two

Yesterday’s blog post showed two Beauty Beads by Perlen and the Beauty String Leather Bracelet. Today I’ve got photos of four more beads. Two of them are hand painted porcelain and two are glass.  First up is a Bernardi bead-a Zebra hand painted on a porcelain bead, from their safari collection. This is one I will especially enjoy wearing when teaching younger kids this year. Here is is on the black leather bracelet.  I like it on a bangle withRead more

Perlen Beauty String Bracelet and Beauty Beads

I’ve been a Perlen customer since 2012 and my beads n’ coffee friends are also long time customers. It’s a store in Denmark and they carry a wide range of beads, including Pandora and Trollbeads. We even have a saying, ‘Perlen is our friend’, because we like the low prices and free shipping. πŸ˜€ In order to see the low prices you need to make an account and log in, because depending on where you live, the VAT might beRead more