Spiritbeads Dragon Parts and Engravable Star Drum

Today I’ve got some more silver beads from Star Bijou. The engravable Star Drum (€58)  has some sweet stars along the rim. I chose the engraving ‘Make Music’ as music has always been an important part of my life. It’s allowed me to travel places, meet some wonderful people and it’s how I met my husband, when we were both members of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. The drum is especially meaningful to me as our eldest son is developmentally disabledRead more

Spiritbeads Kokeshi 2.0

Today is a short blog post to show the sweet little Kokeshi 2.0 from Spiritbeads at Star Bijou. The first Kokeshi doll has the hole going through her vertically, but the 2.0 hole goes through her horizontally. The bead costs €45. There is also the Limited Edition version with the cute hairdo, but I believe that sold out just a couple of days ago.  Here is a video of the 2.0 version.  ​​ The three Kokeshis gathered together for aRead more

Spiritbeads Silver Sakura

The German store Star Bijou has made a gorgeous silver Sakura bead for their house brand called Spiritbeads. It is just darling, comes cored with a 4mm or 4.5 mm opening and costs 45€. The 4.5mm opening one will work on a Pandora bracelet. Once again, the creative packaging was a real delight. I can’t wait for my Lily of the Valley to grow! The bead has several blossoms and leaves.  Today I’ve got five different combos with the silverRead more

Dragons! by Spirit Beads

Friday was an amazing beadmail day. Some things came from Trollbeads and then this adorable package from the German store, Star Bijou. Gabi is known for her clever and creative packaging and I love to see other people’s packages on Instagram and Facebook, as each one seems to be different. She knows I love the term ‘beadmail’, so how cute is this? Today I’ve got some photos of the amazing Dragon and tomorrow will be the Chinese Lucky Coins. TheRead more

Daruma and Kokeshi: Japanese Inspired Spiritbeads

Today I’ve got some photos of the other two silver Spiritbeads from Star Bijou. The first is a Kokeshi doll (45 €) and she is just adorable. I love the detail and her sweet face! The hole runs vertically, so she works really well on a necklace.  The Kokeshi is also really nice on a leather bracelet.  The second bead is the Daruma (54 €). His face is so awesome.  With the Daruma, the idea is that he is aRead more

Maneki-Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat)

The German store Star Bijou has its own house brand of beads called Spiritbeads. Star Bijou has a fun online presence on Instagram and a warm and amiable feeling really comes through in their social media posts. Today I’ve got some photos of their Maneki-Neko beads in brass and silver. These little cats are all over the place in Japan as they are thought to bring good luck and sometimes one paw is moving up and down. It’s no secretRead more