This blog post contains bead samples as well as purchased items.

Here’s a quick little blog post to show two new Spiritbeads from Germany. The Kokeshi dolls that Nicolai has been making for some time now have become quite popular. They are beautifully made and I like how they are a continuing series.

The latest one is called Spiritbeads Kokeshi Bonsai.

She comes in a two tone version, shown here, as well as an all silver version. (€95/€55)

The sweet little Après Ski Cat (€55) is so happy looking. I imagine he has had a lovely afternoon of skiing and is ready to sit down for a hot chocolate. Look at the detail on the sweater! I have many fond memories of cross-country skiing when I was a kid. My family used to go out to a golf course together and it was especially nice at night under a starry sky.

Here’s a frosty looking bracelet with the cat. I’m imagining that the little outhouse from OHM is where the skiers are going to the bathroom. When I took this picture, it was so cold that the bracelet stuck to the snow. I had to peel it off!

Here are the beads from behind.

Just a couple of more pictures and then that’s it for today.

Next will be a blog post on the upcoming Trollbeads Valentine’s Day bead. Can you believe we are heading into the end of January and that it’s been almost a year since we’ve been coping with this virus? Thank goodness for little diversions like beads! Do let me know what you think of these two sweet charms.