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I Love You…a little bit more every day.

For Valentine’s Day 2021, Lise Aagaard has designed a gorgeous faceted glass bead ($61 USD/ $74 CAD). It is a limited edition and I think it will be very popular as it’s absolutely stunning. It makes me think of a cherry lollipop or maybe cinnamon hearts. I only hope these pictures have truly captured the beauty of this bead.

With all the shimmer, it looks fantastic with copper.

I tried the I Love You bead with quite a range of beads, but one set of beads together really stood out. I really like it with the Round Garnet and Hessonite Garnet.

Most of these pictures were taken on fairly gloomy days, but when I received the sample it was actually sunny! Here’s where it really has a cherry look. I think in the shade it has a more cinnamon look to it.

It pairs well with the spacers from the New Wisdom collection.

I gathered up some glass beads thought I thought matched up well. In past years I have treated myself to one or two Valentine’s Day themed Uniques, but not this year. Instead, I’m going to get another I Love You bead. 😍

The Daisy bead is a favourite of mine.

The Rose of June is also so pretty.

The silver Inside Love bead is also nice for this time of year. The pink bead to the left is called Pink Delight Facet. It was a limited edition bead back in 2016.

So, I’d love to hear your thoughts about this bead. I’ve been busy writing report cards, so might add some more pictures to this blog post later on when I have some time. I know this colour is not for everyone, but I practically squealed when I saw it in person. I adore beads that have lots of shimmer and this one does not disappoint!