This blog post contains samples from as well as purchased items.

When one door closes, another opens. It is time to learn from the past and look ahead. A fresh start always brings new possibilities, and every day is a new beginning.

People are made of stories. Some are defining, and some are just for fun. So move on, benefit from new wisdom and create new stories.

Welcome to a new day and a new you. Welcome to the New Wisdom collection

Greetings! I have a selection of pieces from the New Wisdom collection to show you and I think they are truly delightful. I’m so happy to see new silver flowers designed by Søren Nielsen. Let’s start with the gorgeous Clarity Flower Pendant ($83 USD/$115 CAD). On a Fantasy Necklace, it appears to be gracefully unfolding and envelops a small bead or pearl. I found that it needs a bead in order for it to sit properly.

Here it is from underneath. One could certainly try it on a bracelet, but I think it’s best on a necklace.

Luckily for necklace lovers there is also another pendant called Rose of Beauty ($94 USD/$115 CAD).

It’s meant to clip onto the Changeable Fantasy Necklace. I have a couple of other interchangeable pendants and I really like this system. I’ve already seen people putting it on a bracelet as a dangle, so that would be an option if you don’t already have the necklace.

There’s a new ring to go along with the rose theme and it’s very elegant.

Here is the pendant with the Rose of June bead and the Rose Ring ($127 USD/$158 CAD). Fabulous!

A new splitter bead called Folklore Wisdom is very pretty and costs $50 USD/$61 CAD. It can be worn on a bracelet also, but due to its triangular shape, it will be hanging down a bit.

There are two new locks, the first being the Crisp Flower Lock ($72 USD/$86 CAD).

The second one is called White & Green Lock ($83 USD/$95 CAD). It has a white moonstone on one side and a green adventurine on the other side. I really like it, as I’ve always been a fan of the plain lock!

Let’s take a look at the underside of the Crisp Flower Lock, the Clarity Flower Pendant and a better look at the Folklore Wisdom bead.

I have three of the five new spacers that have words on them. The five sayings are I Love Myself, I Love Life, I am Grateful, My Life is a Gift and I Love my Life. Each one retails for $50 USD/$61 CAD and they were designed by Lise Aagaard.

For the last silver piece that I have today, the Clarity Flower ($39 USD/$45 CAD) is sure to be popular. It gently hugs a pearl just beautifully and I will be buying a second one in order to have a pair. I would love to see a full bracelet made of Clarity Flowers and pearls!

Ok, let’s move on to the glass! I have one of the three kits and the other kits look wonderful. The New Wisdom Kit ($305 USD/$366 CAD) is designed by Neetu Gupta. The beads are available as singles for $61 USD/$74 CAD.

I have three favourites. This one is called Attention and will be perfect for the summertime.

This gorgeous olive coloured one is called Universal. It should be noted that I took this picture on the one sunny day we’ve had recently. It is quite a bit more muted looking when not in the sun.

My third favourite is called Holistic and again, I can totally picture using it all summer long.

Here is the whole kit.

Going clockwise starting from the top left, are Universal, Attention, Perception, Sense, Holistic and Choice.

I do have a couple of beads from the Uplifting Bubble Joy Kit and the Bright Bubble Joy ($39 USD/$45 CAD) one is a vivid blue.

Meadow Bubble Joy looks wonderful with the Korean Evergreen bead!

I also have a bead from the Mist of Nature Kit and it’s called Willow ($50 USD/$61 CAD). These earthy tones are so calming.

I’m going to spam you now with some random photos of combos I made using some of these new beads, then wrap things up.

To see the whole spring collection, be sure to visit the Trollbeads website. These beads are just the kinds of pieces that I like, as I’m always a fan of silver flowers. The Rose Ring is just stunning and very comfortable to wear. Do be aware that the faceted glass beads are very small. If you are fussy about size, then you might want to shop from live images or ask a retailer to send a picture to you. If you think they look fine on my full bracelets above, then there is no need to worry. Although it is winter where I live here in Canada, these pieces are sure to give me hope for spring and even summer, when colourful flowers will bloom again and we’ll go back to the beach. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions about what you’ve seen today. Thanks for reading!