This blog post contains product samples as well as purchased pieces.

I’ve been enjoying the Misty Bubble Joy bead so much that I thought I’d take a few more pictures of it and do a blog post. Even though I had the sample from Trollbeads, I bought a couple more. To me, the bead looks like liquid glass and I like how it looks different depending on what surrounds it.

Yesterday I wore this bangle, with Quiver of Hope in the middle and two Silver Mountains.

Misty Bubble Joy has such an icy look, but I thought I’d try it with some soft pinks and purples.

I feel like it makes a perfect companion to a Labradorite.

Here’s a grey toned bracelet in four different types of light. First let’s see it indoors.

Here in my driveway, it’s a bit tricky to actually see the beads.

This one is on my car with me blocking the sun…

Lastly, here it is in both the sun and shade on my front step.

Here’s a simple bracelet with the glass beads that I can never remember the names of! I quite like this look.

I pulled out some older Christmas beads to make up this bracelet. I’m still trying to decide if I like this one or not!

I really liked this green bracelet from last week.

And now for a few random photos with the Faceted Goldstone I bought. Love the sparkles!

Lastly, we have had some snow, so I couldn’t resist some wintry pictures! Love the Christmas Wish bead!

Ok, that’s it for today! Next up I’ll be hosting an Ohm Beads giveaway for Beadmas on Dec. 5 and then likely my next post will be for the Trollbeads Spring Collection, which usually comes out in January.

What do you think of Misty Bubble Joy? And did you purchase anything in the Black Friday sales? Oddly, I haven’t bought a thing, although the weekend is not yet over!

Edited to add yet more combos with Misty Bubble Joy. Am obsessed with it!